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Google Display 


Enhance your branding efforts with Google Display Advertising. You can reach by showing on thousands of websites. We can advertise your business on websites where your customers are likely to be found.

Google Search Marketing

Your Customers are looking for your services and we will help them find your business. We build a search campaign that uses the right combination of advanced SEM  strategies to ensure you get the best results.

Cloud Marketing

Microswift specializes in cloud based marketing capturing specific demographics, and online behaviours of consumers, helping you to hover a cloud over a specific location targeting audience that shows interests relating to your products or services and feeding them with all the perks and promotions your business has to offer them. In return generating your business leads and therefore a boost in sales.  

Google Marketing Campaigns

It's never been easier to drive relevant visitors to your business website. We will expose your website to increased traffic flow. Simply tells us your geography, Your business category and we will to the rest.


Google Analysis Reports will be made easily accessible to our client base from anywhere any time! Offering Customized Google Analysis Reports and several other Online Performance Reports that captures significant data, specific to your business, that is relevant and acts as a crucial factor in helping in the development and growth of the business. 


Google Analysis Reports Tool come FREE of charge as apart of signing up with Microswift Web Design Service. 


We will create your Online Presence, Monitor the progress, Help you Grow and Guide you  in making the right Marketing Plan decisions to ensure constant success.