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How to Write an Amazing Content For Your Website

August 1, 2019


Answer these 6 important questions on your website, so visitors will know what you do and why they should choose you. 


1. What do you offer?


 Explain very clearly what you do. It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget! You don’t  need to list everything you offer right up front. A simple sentence will do.



 2. Who is it for?


Think about who needs your product, service or skills the most. Is it for everyone or just a specific group of people? Let them know they’re a good fit.


3. Why do they need it?


Think about a problem you are solving—it can be big or small. List both the practical and emotional benefits you offer



4. What’s your story?


Everyone loves a good story. Tell visitors a little about yourself, how you got started and what you’re passionate about. This will give visitors a reason to believe in you.


5. Why should they trust you?


Show that you’re trustworthy. Build credibility by displaying customer reviews, achievements, or the number of clients you’ve worked with. Make sure you’re using real reviews—and don’t be afraid to display a few different opinions.


6. What’s next?


Make it exciting to act! Now that you’ve told your customers everything they need to know, what do you want them to do next??


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