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Creative Marketing -The Future Of Marketing Is Here


reating personalized content - visual and verbal - for brands to promote sales and increase brand awareness.
Personalized content are more effective because the audience are more likely to interact with personalized content than an actual ad; therefore, Microswift brand ambassadors engage in visual content through numerous photoshoots and video shoots to represent the brand in a positive manner along with personalized content from the client's staff and physical location.

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Each visual content is correlated with an article in the Socialista’s blog that features the brand through a personalized twist.

Here Are The 3 Steps into Creative Marketing:


Planning for the project and preparing the steps to reach the best way to represent the targeted product or service.


Photography and Videography Production based on the plans on step 1, This is where the magic happens!


Using various editing softwares to achieve the desired look and feel for the final content through the use of our tools and proven techniques.

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Beautifully Designed

30-60 second video with post production editing, compatible with all digital uses (website & social media)

Videography & Photography

On/off-site video & photo (business, products, services) shooting, with accessibility to work with our models

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A successful marketing plan relies heavily on how creative the content is!