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Easy to Use

Paperless form is optimized to work on any patient device to easily fill out the form


All records are encrypted and password protected to ensure patients records reviewed and stored securely

Track Data

Find our how your patients finding out about you whether Google Search, Flyers, Social Media and much more patients data analytics

Get Reviews

With the automated Google reviews no patient would be a chance to write you a review, which means higher rank on Google My Business

Paperless Patients Forms

The thriving dental office of the present and future is an all-digital office. Why waste time on endless data entry, printing, scanning. Our patients paperless form allows your patients to fill out the form using an iPad anywhere in your office or through your clinic's website from the convenience of their home computer or mobile device. All patient data are seamlessly get sent to front desk where It's securely stored into the patient's chart on your patients management system.

The difference paperless makes:


Protect your patients privacy with multi layer security.


Save time and money, Improves communication so your office can get more done.

Automated Email Marketing Within The Paperless Form 
Means Endless Opportunities 

Automate your patients communication and be in touch with them whenever you want by sending them news letter, blog articles about your clinic or share your offers and events with them.

Total Control

You are in total control when it comes to your marketing campaigns, you decide what you like to share and to whom it should be sent.


Let your patient see your brand with branded emails to build the trust and the clinic's brand with your patients.

Focus On Your Patients. Automate The Rest with built in referral program

With our paperless form you will have an option to activated the fully branded referral program to get your patients to refer their friend and families to your clinic!

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"Microswift has helped reduce our fees by over 79%"

I rely on Microswift Paperless Form to help me and my practice staff navigate through my day and maximize every patient encounter.

Dr. Nicole Smith
Lighthouse Dentistry 

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Paperless Intake Form
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Website and Tablet Use
Optimized for all devices
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Paperless Intake Form + Automated Google Reviews + Email Marketing
Website and Tablet Use
Optimized for all devices
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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my patients data?

All patients records are securely encrypted and the paperless form is PHIPA and HIPAA compliant.

Does the form work on website or tablet in my office

The paperless form can be filled online in your website and on a tablet in your office.

Does the form meet the Royal College and CDA, ADA privacy policy?

Yes, our paperless form meets all the privacy policy requirements for Royal College and CDA, ADA .

Would the paperless form work with my patients management system/software?

Our paperless form works with all patients management systems/softwares since it converts all the patients data including the signatures to PDF format which can be added to the patient chart in any software you use.

It’s time to make the change

While we know old habits are difficult to break and that we humans are attached to “the way we’ve always done it,” the paperless dental office has truly reached a tipping point. More than 80% of patients look for a new dentist online. And the postal service may soon be a thing of the past.
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