10 e-commerce marketing tips (100% proven)

Tip #1: Use social media sites

You can personally choose where you want to start whether it’s on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter YouTube or Facebook; it’s up to you on how many sites you want to be active on. One of Microswift’s main marketing avenues is social media. We have helped numerous businesses in maintaining and running their social media pages by creating relevant posts, engaging content, and creating a buzz in the market that their business is a part of. What’s so amazing about social media marketing is that it is entirely free and a perfect way to form relationships with clients. There are a variety of techniques we use to help our clients generate successful social media pages. Our brand lives by three very important concepts: targeting an audience, creating engaging content and generating branded post designs.

When targeting a specific audience, figure out who exactly you are reaching out to so that your online platforms speak to the exact market you have defined. Our brand has helped businesses research into the right target audience for their particular business model.

When creating engaging content, it’s crucial to brainstorm ahead of time what you will be posting while also ensuring that your brands voice and niche are displayed to consumers. We have helped our own clients to create artistic, modern and catchy posts that get right to the point and informs the community of the businesses services and products.

As for generating branded posts, you have to recognize and fully grasp the idea that your brand identity is what will bring in clients and set you apart from every other business. Being unique in your approach will capture the attention of potential clients. For example, here at Microswift, we offer top notch designs, graphic knowledge and talent when it comes to creating clean social media channel feeds.

Social Media Ecommerce Integration

Tip #2: Search engine optimization

SEO is an essential part of marketing and you want to make sure that both your site and your individual pages are optimized for the keywords that your target audience will be searching for. Start by determining where you stand in the search results, if you aren’t a fan of your ranking, delve into keyword research. By targeting new keywords, it can be a great way to grow your audience and get high engagement on your sites.

Tip #3: Content marketing

You have your brand voice, niche and you now know what you need to do to grow your SEO. Now it is time to create a content-driven e-commerce strategy in order to drive traffic to your business. How can you do this? There are a variety of different avenues you can take, the highly ranked ones for Microswift are blogs, case studies, and video content.

First of all, blogging is a great way to get free traffic to your site. In our own blog, we strive to be informative about our services while also giving advice to businesses. People who visit your blog want to leave with some knowledge of your services and understand the overall message. By strategically placing your product links within the body of the blog article, it won’t make readers feel overwhelmed with content about your product and it will make the blog more personable rather than pushy.

When it comes to case studies, our brand likes to inform the public on past projects we have completed with businesses. It’s informative and we can share our talents and skills that can help any business with their marketing goals. On our site, you can click onto the link called “Works” where we show some of our most recent projects. We go into depth about the process, our approach, our inspiration and the strategies we used to produce each successful project. By showcasing pieces of work that your brand is proud of, you will build up credibility and drive potential clients to your business.

For video content, you can create personalized visual and verbal content for your brand to promote sales and increase brand awareness. Video content tends to rank highly amongst search engines. Microswift uses videography and photography to produce daring video concepts that really make all the difference.

Tip #4: Use smart email marketing

Making email lists is a low hanging fruit strategy that all businesses should take advantage of. There are a couple ways to take advantage of this type of e-commerce marketing strategy such as collecting an email opt-in on your website, sending out welcome emails, using pop-ups on high traffic content, and sharing downloadable content to your email lists.

Ecommerce Email Marketing

Tip #5 : Send out occasional email blasts

You can set up automated email campaigns to inform your customers about certain news, welcoming new customers and sending abandoned cart emails. In general, even if it’s either an automated email or a personal email, it’s important to keep in mind that you should email your list at least once a week. The goal is to get as much exposure as possible and this is a perfect way in doing so. On our site, we have an option where you can subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with all of our brand’s latest news. You are also able to email us directly, request quotes, send messages or get a free consultation. We like to have different options for clients so they can choose whichever way they would like to stay in contact with us.

Tip #6: Facebook and Instagram ads

Using Facebook and Instagram video ads has gotten us, as well as our clients, out into the open. The idea is to create a narrative (highlighting what your brand is all about is a good place to start). From there, what we have done for our clients, as well as ourselves, is establish a compelling hook about a service that’s being offered, share a problem, show some sort of statistic about the problem and provide proof as to how the service has helped people with this problem. You know what product/service you are going to show in the ad so now you have to determine what kind of audience you want to target. What’s great about Instagram and Facebook advertising is that these platforms allow you to research the details of the audience you want to reach out to. In our latest ad, a model was the main character in the video, we used a great deal of videography and shooting techniques to ensure that the ad was immediately engaging and interesting to watch. The goal should be for people who are scrolling through the ads page, to stop and and take a second look at your ad.

Tip #7: Influencer marketing

Basically, this is when your brand works with an influencer to promote the brands products or services. It’s important to do your research into influencers to figure out if they would be the best fit for your brand and your overall niche. If we are looking into influencer marketing, we like to focus on finding micro-influencers where their following can range anywhere between 10k-50k. They usually have a highly engaged audience because they stick to their own personal niche and become experts in that certain area. When researching different influencers, we like to take a look into their reach on social platforms, whether they have the same niche or passion as we do and making sure the influencer has a strong relationship with their followers.

Tip #8: Utilize customer testimonials

This can also be refereed to as word-of-mouth marketing. This is one of the most powerful e-commerce marketing strategies and the reason why is pretty straight forward. People like to share their experiences with their friends and family and word-of-mouth travels quite quickly. Wouldn’t you want people to share something positive about your brand? You can get people to write reviews about their experience with you and encourage the sharing to be positive. For example, on our website pages, we like to include client testimonials where they get to share their feedback and what their overall experience was like. We have helped a variety of businesses with our services and we love to share these fun experiences with the community!

Customer Online Reviews

Tip #9: Personalization strategies

By coming up with relevant strategies that go hand-in-hand with your businesses niche, you can target customers with unique offers, discounts, and emails. Being personable over your emails can make your clients feel understood. Sending out product recommendations or service offers can help them find what they have been looking for. You can do this by looking into customer’s site behaviour, recognizing which products have been sold the most or even analyzing demographic targeted data. In the end, you want clients to come to your site and find what they are looking for, not leave disappointed.

Tip #10: User experience

Websites should offer something to everyone. Indeed, you have a target audience but also keep in mind that every prospective client should be shown the most relevant information about your business. Your site should display all of the important details right off the bat to ensure the client’s experience was optimum. You can do this by utilizing user-generated content on your site and social media pages. Clients will be excited to see their photos on your pages and will want to share them which equals to a higher reach and engagement for your brand. You will also have proof and visual testimonials of people happily using your products and services.

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