10 Marketing Ideas To Help Business Retailers Grow

For any business to succeed and grow exponentially, they need to get all the “attention” they can put their hands on. Every business retailer’s goal is to grow in revenue, size and be dominating in the industry. From the beginning of time, business retailers have relied on in-person contact to promote and sell their services. However, this has taken a turn with the evolvement and strong existence of the “Internet”. Now, an entire business operation can be managed and promoted online, what does that mean though? it means that Online Marketing is now more important than ever. To help business retailers grow their sales and generate more revenue online, we have put together “10 Marketing Ideas” that you sure will want to read through to kick-start your business growth.

1. Build An E-commerce Website

The majority of businesses have an online website and that is a great step in the right direction. Now the next step to reaching that success for your business is to turn your website into an e-commerce one so that you are not leaving any money behind on the table. Many businesses are facing the truth and if you haven't already, then this is the time to do so. The world isn’t moving to an online one “but” in-fact already did! The world’s population has already moved online and the number will continue to grow each and everyday. With an e-commerce website your business is set to;

  • Attract New customers
  • Provide User Connivence
  • Extend Hours Of Operations Around The Clock
  • Speeds Business Operation
  • Cut back on payroll
  • Increase Your Business Brand Awareness Digitally

Online SHopping

2. Remind Shoppers Of Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are set to happen in the world of e-commerce. A customer will browse through your online store, start adding items to a cart and then get distracted and leave the order hanging or forgotten about. The exciting news is that there is a solution to this problem. Your business can combat abandoned carts with sending a reminder email within a few hours of a customer abandoning the cart. Here are some real facts about this method:

  • 69% of users abandon a cart
  • 45% of email reminders are open!
  • of that 21% resume to checkout
  • 50% complete the purchase

Bottom line is that it isn’t the end if a customer leaves a cart, it can still be turned into a successful sale.

Online Abandoned Carts

3. Offer Gift Cards

This shouldn't be a surprise to any business, that offering and selling gift cards will actually help your business acquire new customers. It spreads brand awareness on behalf of your business. Many times your existing customers will purchase a gift card for a family or friend and introduce them to your products/services. And these new customers can be added to your customer base and get turned into repeat customers.

Online Gift Card

4. Develop A Pre-Order Plan

Many times, your run out of a product, or haven't yet launched a product yet, but you need the revenue to start flowing through right away. This is when this strategy comes in very handy to help boost your immediate sales and grow your business revenue. This is where you allow customers/consumers to pre-order an item you sell. The whole idea is that your business is being paid now for delivery on a different date. The other advantage to allowing for pre-orders is that it allows your business to assess the demand on a product and this allows your business to analyze the supply vs. demand and helps you maintain levels of inventory.

5. Launch A YouTube Channel

An e-commerce website is the door of entry to your business but, alone it is not enough. Consider engaging in video content. Past surveys have proven that video content outperforms written content when it comes to generating sales and leads. Kick start your YouTube channel and consider advertising through means of video to attract new leads to help your business grow. This is where you get to tell your “story” - who doesn’t like to hear a good story! consider informational type of videos, a review of a product you sell, or any other way you find best to shine light and engagement on what you sell. The best part is that when your YouTube video is posted it can be linked directly to your e-commerce website to start generating sales.

6. Start A Business Blog

This Marketing idea is one of the most successful ways to help boost your online presence. A blog triggers certain key words that help in ranking your website higher on search engines. This helps drive organic traffic! And is a great way to communicate your business news to the community and provide tips and offers. Think of this marketing tactic as the central hub for all your content.

By doing so you are providing your audience with different ways of consuming your content.

7. Be Active On Social Media

This is where you are able to bring a human aspect to your brand. What do we mean exactly by saying that? well this is where you interact and communicate with your audience directly. It is one of the most crucial if not the most important part of any marketing plan. Especially now a-days, each and every business needs a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok or at least be apart of 3 Social Media Platforms. This is where your business gets to put attention and focus on relationship building. However, this does not mean to spam your social media account with random content. All content needs to be strategically placed with related captions and trending hashtags to make the most use of Social Media.

Social Media For Businesses

8. Believe And Make Use Of Email Marketing

Start collecting emails! ask users to subscribe to an email newsletter, offers, promotions. This is where you get the opportunity to stay connected and turn a one time customer into a repeat. Follow up with a review us email, followed by a promo code. Keep the relationship alive.

9. Provide Free Shipping

Believe it or not, to some customers, this is the determining factor in deciding to proceed with an online purchase or not. Consumers are more inclined to make a purchase if the shipping was free, it just makes more sense to them. If you find this hard on your business then consider providing different options. Maybe one may include waiving the shipping fee but shipping have longer shipping times and give a second option to those who don’t mind paying a premium (shipping fee) to get their order in a shorter time frame.

10. Markdown Slow Moving Inventory

This touches back on point number 4 and shows how important it is for your business to understand your supply vs. demand base line. However, it just so happens that some times you have to much stock of certain product that just wont move. This is holding up your revenue in one spot. Your business did not get the ROI it was initially set out to get so this is the time to get it out the door and get cash in the door. Markdown the slow or not moving inventory, provide a discounted offer. May consider getting a ROI in a different way, promote non-moving products as giveaways on Social Media and gain an audience instead that will turn into customers and start paying back on your investment. Get creative.

Online Marketing Sales

These types of Marketing Ideas are strategic and set out to put your business ahead of the game. It’s an online game, position your business right and come out as a winner.

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