5 Reasons Why You Must Advertise

All business, across the world, have different goals and follow different trends and take on different approaches to run their business. However, each and everyone of them has the same ultimate target goal they set out to achieve, that is to GROW SALES!. How a business runs will differ but why it is done will always be to reach the same output - higher revenue.

There are a million and one ways to grow a business but for the purpose of this article we will heavily focus on the method of Digital Advertising. After reading this article you will feel the immediate urge to try out digital advertising and take it on a test run. But before that let’s walk you through the Top 5 reasons why Digital Marketing is the new way to go now for any business of any nature.

#1 - Affordability

Right off the bat, anyone reading this article will ponder and question this reason. How can Digital Marketing be considered an affordable alternative? note, this article mentions affordable not free of charge. Any approach a business takes to grow will cost and that is the only way you can see a return on revenue. Now, approach from approach will withdraw and contribute differently to your expense budget. Digital marketing allows you to control your budget, you turn it on and off as you wish, you are not breaking the bank. In comparison to tradition marketing, thats continues to “suck” money from your business wallet with no end or results to measure.

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#2 - Unlimited Access With NO Boundaries

With Digital Marketing, you ultimately reach the world while you are put in one spot. You have gained access to mobile phones, laptops, desktops, Tv’s. You have tapped into peoples homes making it easy and convenient for them to find you. Most importantly, you have access to the Social Media world platform where your exposure has endless open opportunities.

Digital Marketing

#3 - Flexible To Market In Many Forms

Unlike traditional marketing, a flyer on a bus stop or a street bench, with Digital Marketing you have the flexibility to advertise is a vast way online. Let us name a few: Email marketing, Digital Banners, Content Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads and more and more. You open a door of opportunities to your business.

#4- The Glory Of MultiMedia

With Digital Marketing, you can run the same Ad on several or even all digital multimedia platforms. With traditional marketing this is not even an option. You spend your entire budget advertising in newsprint and come to the realization that this  method does not even work and now you are stuck.

Facebook ADS

#5- The Ability To Interact, Engage, Support & Measure Results

Digital Marketing is the only marketing method that allows you to communicate directly, in the moment with your customers. By responding to online reviews, Social Media Messages, the interaction is live and the communication is direct. With Digital Marketing, you are able to track the performance of your ADs, understand your target audience and measure the success of each and every advertising campaign you did.

For more information and a guide on how to get starts, contact Microswift experts to get you started.  

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