6 Marketing Principles That You Should Implement Into Your Business Plan

What’s amazing about this industry is that the more unique and creative you are, the better!

Being simply ‘good’ is now ‘not good enough’ for today’s audience. Businesses need to be different in their approach, luckily we got the secret sauce to turn your brand and digital presence from good to remarkable! Let’s take a look at the 6 principles that we like to follow that could help your business prosper.

#1 Walk The Talk:

Our company develops brands from scratch and maintains excellent online presence. We don’t deliver until we’re 200% sure that our clients will be happy with the results. Our skills vary between creative marketing and social media to graphic and website design.

It’s important to us that we can tell a brand’s unique story and make sure that they can successfully communicate with their customers. Walk your own talk and give your customers what they need, don’t promise them something and then not come through. Ensure you have the right resources that will help you create amazing products and services for the community.

If you need a boost, we are always here to offer our services to help you achieve your businesses digital goals.

Digital Brand Building

#2 Invest In Content Development:

Many business owners know by now that the more active you are with producing content, the better. Actively pursuing new ways to get your brand’s message out to the world will do you some good. Expand on your content, your followers and customers will love that! You can share videos, blog posts, podcasts, photo galleries and high quality ads. This needs to be consistent and long-term in order to get results, when you start to see people become more engaged and your visitor numbers increase, you will be so glad that you worked hard and invested in different content. Here at Microswift, the marketing, media production and social media teams work closely together in order to come up with new engaging ideas for our brand as well as our client’s. Odds are, if you are providing completely different content than your competitors, it’ll set you apart and interest a wider audience range.

#3 Be Open To New Opportunities:

Gain trust and credibility by forming strong relationships with other people in your industry. Consider the idea of collaborating with another brand that shares the same niche as you or work with an agency that knows exactly what they are talking about when it comes to helping businesses grow digitally. Make sure to follow people that make an impact in your industry, whether that be influencers, bloggers, brands, companies or agencies. Building relationships and working with another brand can get your foot in the door and reach larger audiences that you may not have tapped into. Don’t ignore new opportunities when they arise, they can really help to grow your business and gain more exposure online.

Online Marketing

#4 Stand Out:

What really makes you different? Is it your brand’s voice? Your website? Your products or services? Whatever it is, play off of that! Understanding how you differ from the competition will help you to become stronger and create a purposeful story for your brand. A surefire way to gain attention from the community is to develop your own personal visual identity, also known as branding. We truly take pride in our branding service because we creatively craft a brand identity for our clients that can set them apart from other businesses in their industry. A brand is not just a name or symbol to us. There’s a deeper meaning behind it that needs to be shared to the public.

#5 Keeping Up With Trends:

“How can I apply current new trends to my brand?” That’s a question you should be asking yourself almost all the time. Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years as a result of data-driven approaches and technology that seem to continuously modify with each passing week. As it is important to keep up with new advancements, there are some main marketing principles that will always apply which are known as the 4 p’s: product, price, place and promotion. Yes, businesses follow these 4 p’s because they are a very important part of any business model, but it’s the finer details in between that’ll help you get to the next level.

#6 Work Hard And Dedicate Your Time:

Business Marketing

We learn from a young age to achieve our goals and that hard work pays off, which is entirely true. Concentrating your efforts into your business will get you far. If you believe in your brand and are passionate about what you can offer, that mindset alone can lead you to success. When it comes to your business, it has taken you a lot of time and work to build it up and that dedication won’t go away because it will always be a constant process. What is so great about the time that we live in is that there are so many resources that can be easily accessed to help businesses flourish. For example, businesses that need help with their branding, media production, ads, social media accounts and digital marketing strategy come to Microswift because they know what our skills are and how we can help them achieve their goals.

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