6 Ways Paperless Patient Intake Forms Can Help Your Dental Clinic

With a paperless dental office, you can streamline your operations, saving both time and money. How can paperless patient forms help you do all of these things? Here's a closer look.

From paper to paperless, the digital transformation is taking place everywhere. Technology has changed the way we conduct dentistry today. Not only can we use technology to diagnose and treat patients more effectively, but we can also leverage it to execute our dental practices more successfully.

Microswift - Paperless Patient Registration Forms
Cutting down the use of paper in your office does much more than protecting the earth and saving trees.

Has your dental clinic gone paperless yet, or are you trying to do so? Cutting down the use of paper in your office does much more than protecting the earth and saving trees. When it comes to managing patients, going paperless provides many opportunities for the quality and productivity of your practise— not to mention patient satisfaction.

Switching to a paperless model will of course take an upfront investment of time for you and your staff to learn the new technologies and funds to adopt the necessary hardware and software. Such investments, however, will pay off in just a short amount of time. Let's see how.

What is Paperless Patient Intake Forms?

Going paperless involves eliminating paper scraps, handwritten notes, physical patient files and the structures in which they are kept, and collecting all of the information you need in one place. It's about consolidating information, streamlining processes and accessing data from anywhere.

Paperless Intake Forms are interactive online digital forms that (new) patients can access and fill from anywhere using their tablet, mobile or desktop devices. Our paperless intake forms have the SSL encryption and are password-protected to keep your patients' records and data safe and secure. Moreover, all the forms are PHIPA and HIPAA compliant and meet all the privacy policy requirements for Royal College and CDA & ADA.

Microswift - Example of Paperless Patient Intake Forms
An example of branded paperless patient intake form we did for 16 Mile Dental.

Our paperless forms can be filled out using an iPad in your office or through your clinic's website from the convenience of your patients' home computer or mobile device. All patient data are seamlessly get sent to the front desk, where it's securely stored into the patient's chart on your patient management system.

The Power of Paperless Patient Intake Forms

1. Streamline your check-in process

Microswift - Benefits of Paperless Patient Intake Forms
With paperless intake forms, patients no longer need to fill out lengthy paperwork while waiting for their appointment.

With paperless intake forms, no longer are patients sitting down with a clipboard in the waiting room before their appointment. When they book their appointment, they are reminded to fill out the "New Patient Registration Form" available on the dental office's website before their date, so that when they arrive at the office, they can just walk in and relax before seeing the dentist. If patients didn't fill out their information beforehand, they could complete the form using an iPad/ tablet given to them by a receptionist in the clinic.

2. Increase patient satisfaction and trust

Our paperless forms are easy to use and are optimized to work on any device. New patients can access the forms directly from your clinic's website or via email and can complete and submit their forms from their own device. This can significantly increase patient satisfaction and trust in your clinic.

3. Increase efficiency by saving time and money

Microswift - Paperless Patient Intake Forms
Paperless forms can truly help your clinic increase efficiency by saving time and money for both your staff and patients.
With paperless intake forms, no longer are patients sitting down with a clipboard in the waiting room before their appointment.

Paperless intake forms boast higher completion rates with fewer errors, which means your receptionist team can spend less time tracking down information as well as eliminate manual data entry, printing, scanning and shredding. That can help you save on employee cost as they don't have to spend much time doing unnecessary administrative tasks and can, instead, focus on caring and serving your clients' needs more attentively.

4. Track data

Our paperless form works with all patient management systems/software since it converts all the patients' data, including the signatures to PDF format, which can be added to the patient chart in any software your clinic uses. In addition, you can discover how your patients are finding out about you, whether through Google Search, Flyers, Social Media or else, along with a lot more valuable patient data analytics.

5. Strengthen data security

Paperless Patient Intake Forms are structured to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations and additional privacy norms. That way, protected health information can be received, stored, and transfer safely. In contrast to paper, digital data is less likely to get lost or compromised. Leaks or privacy breaches are highly improbable due to a system of encryption, control, and user activity tracking.

6. Paperless Forms come with added valuable features

Our paperless forms come with added features, including automated email marketing and Google reviews. Automate your patient communication and be in touch with them whenever you want by sending them newsletters, blog articles about your clinic or share your offers and events with them. You are in total control when it comes to your marketing campaigns. You decide what you like to share and to whom it should be sent. Branded email marketing can help you build trust and brand recognition with your patients. With our paperless forms, you will also have an option to activated the fully branded referral program to get your patients to leave you a Google review and refer their friends and families to your clinic!

Adopting paperless intake forms and making the new patient registration process easier and faster is certainly a win - win for both your staff and your patients. More importantly, it lets you and your team devote valuable resources to what truly matters – taking care of your patients and expanding your dental practice.

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