6 Ways To Promote Your Business Traffic

Everyone has a little skip to their step now that it is finally spring! In honour of stepping into a new season, it is time to make a fresh start for your business and in achieving your goals. As we prepare for the warmer weather and start doing our annual spring cleaning, you can take a look at everything that you’ve done this year and determine what worked for you and what didn’t work fo you. This article will discuss ways that you can get your business to blossom with some innovative marketing tools and tricks!

Now, where do you even start?

You have to gain the trust and respect of consumers. So, a great place to start off is by having a strong digital presence. It’s important to put effort into your digital profile by creating content consistently. When lockdown was first introduced and the stay at home order was put into effect, the world quickly focused onto online work. Now is the perfect time to make most out of growing trends and promote yourself and your business. First of all, if your business doesn’t have a website then that’s your number one priority. There are a variety of different sites you can use to help you launch a killer website. Microswift has an amazing website design team that can help you build a website that matches your niche. With  our own website, our goal was for clients to be intrigued the very second they clicked onto our page. We successfully reached that goal and now have an extensive and very unique website design. It’s key to ensure that your businesses site and social media pages reflect what you stand for and what you’re all about. Bringing in a modern, refreshing and mobile-friendly appeal will catch the eyes of clients and portray your business in a captivating way.

Video marketing, creative marketing and social media marketing have been used by a wide range of brands during the pandemic. These popular marketing platforms will continue to be utilized in the future and will only grow from here. As we all know by now, social media has made it possible for businesses to keep in contact with consumers and visually keep up to date with other businesses, brands, and recent news. There are now 4.2 billion users (and counting) on social media apps. As of 2019 and 2020, the average social media usage worldwide amounted to 145 minutes per day! So, it’s safe to say that sites like these are highly in demand from all corners of the globe. There are ways you can effectively use social apps to promote your business while being creative at the same time. It’s a good idea to plan out your posts ahead of time, post content very single day and occasionally ask your followers questions to keep them engaged. The big social platforms that we all love are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but go above and beyond and create content on Pinterest, Tiktok, YouTube and LinkedIn. For example, Microswift uses Instagram for sharing company pictures, posting snippets of production pieces, and short little 30 second reels. YouTube is perfect for our longer videos where we can get into detail about our brand, what services we offer, as well as providing helpful information to our clients.

These popular marketing platforms will continue to be utilized in the future and will only grow from here.

Growing Business traffic

A relatively new model of advertising that has been introduced to us time and again is influencer marketing. Brands have partnered up with micro-celebrities and influencers on apps like Instagram and Youtube to get their content and message out to larger audiences. What are influencers? Typically they are people on social media sites that tend to have a large following and have some sort of social influence in their field. Brands partner up with these influencers for endorsements and product placement in order to grow their business. Now, there are some key factors that you should look into if you are considering influencer marketing. These factors are: looking at the influencers engagement metrics, ensure that they will be creating authentic yet marketable content and that overall your business will be forming a strong CTA.

When looking at the influencers engagement, you should examine how engaged the audience is with their content. You can do this by looking into their number of site visits, views on a video, likes, comments and shares. Chances are if their numbers are high, that means they are creating content that people like and want to see more of. Next, instead of focusing on overly pushy sales content, try more of a unique approach. A brand should not try to take control of the influencers content, you hired them for a reason and that reason is for their creativity and their eccentric voice. As a business owner, you can set standards to ensure that the content is well-produced but overall, the content should be shareable and relate to a wide audience range. Finally, create a strong call to action. This can be an influencer offering a discount or announcing some sort of giveaway. CTA’s need to excite the influencer’s followers. Usually influencer’s place a CTA at the beginning of a sponsored YouTube video. Giveaways and discount offers really move audiences to take a look at your products and services.

Digital Marketing

Lastly, try to include referrals or past client interviews into your marketing strategy. You can post these on your social media sites and also create a page on your website just for past client testimonials.You can get them to talk about your business and how exactly you helped them. Not only will this type of marketing highlight your accomplishments but it could also help you gain the trust that of potential clients!

Online Marketing

It all comes down to you knowing your business and being creative with your marketing strategy. In addition to that, know what your audience wants to hear and what they want to learn because it’ll make it so much easier for you to create content that your target audience will enjoy.

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