Best Types Of Social Media Posts

Whether is it our personal Social Media page or it is our business Social Media page, we tend to just post what is on our mind or just any random post to stay active. Yes, this will fill up your page with content but does it have any value? any meaning? is it calling on any kind of action? Rule of thumb, anything you give your time to needs to give back to your business or it’s just a waste of resources and time.

Aside from saying that Social Media posts need to be useful to the public, they are need to be timed right, entertaining, providing a promotion or offer of some sort, engaging, personal and inspirational or influential.

Social Media Posts

Let’s go into further detail on the topics we listed above by starting off with “Timed Right”

It takes a tremendous amount of research and analytics to help your business model know what dates and times to post to Social Media. Or in other-words what are the most effective times for you to post your content to be able to interact with your target audience. You may not want to or even have the time to figure this out but you are missing on the opportunity to reach the maximum potential of the post you spent time creating and posting. Working with the right marketing agency can save you this time and research as they have the experience and analytics to help you post during peak days and times on Social Media platforms.

Next, as straight forward as it sounds as hard as it is in reality. Post “Entertaining Posts”.

What do we mean by entertaining posts exactly? we mean some behind the scene posts of your business, some trending content, something that provides a sense of entertainment to the audience to keep their attention rather than just heavily focusing on trying to sell. Let your genuine posts leave an impression. Try out stories, create and post fun, intriguing stories that would entertain the market and audience you are in.

Social Media Posts

Promoting Posts - What Every Business Wants To Do.

Promotional can be done in a variety of ways. For instance Photo ADs, are one of the most effective types of ADs you can use to promote your products or services. But, don’t just stop at this, posting a picture of a product or service may have zero no direct correlation with your audience. Think smart and try to be creative with your photo ADs, try using a photo AD in which a person is using your product or service, that will shine more light on selling the product or service you are trying to promote.

A second type of AD could be a Video AD, these are very interesting because they can range from being a short video AD, to just clips or loops that autoplay in customers feeds. Probably wondering now on which type of AD is best for your business model. There is no right or wrong answer. The option you decide to use to promote a given product or service really depends on your goals and your target audience at that given time.

Story ADS

The next type of AD is really fun - Story ADs - these work hand in hand with “limited time offers” why? because these types of ADs are only effective for 24 hours and then they disappear. Which is great if you are promoting a limited time offer. They are quick, easy to understand and can give you the chance to be super creative.

Know How To Use The Tools You Have

All posts regardless of their format or which Social Media platform they get posted on need to be engaging, personal and inspirational at the same time. Know your target audience and ensure your ADs will stir some sort of engagement.

Promotional Social Media Posts

Make use of all the available tools you are given to be engaging, Post “Question Posts” start a conversation, follow it up with an “Answer Post” and give your audience some of your time to get back to them and show you are involved and apart of the community you are in. There are many types of posts that can show how active and close you are to your customers, try out a challenge post or even a contest post!

Social Media is there to help your business get the attention it needs. But knowing how and when to use it is key.

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