Convert Your Coaching Business To An Online Business

Why You Need To Convert Your Coaching Business To Online

Online Couching

If you already have a coaching business or are looking to start one in the near future, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider converting your business to an online format and how Microswift can help you get there…

Larger Customer Base

When strictly coaching one-on-one with clients, it can be difficult to drum up a large customer base. Often, your location plays a big part in the amount of clients you can reach. Maybe your client base is restricted to your general location and you are wanting to reach more potential clients but it is difficult as you are stuck coaching in one place. The benefit of online coaching allows you to reach potential clients all over the entire world! There are no longer any geographic limits to reaching new clients, you have the flexibility to promote yourself online and share your love for coaching world-wide with anyone who shares a similar interest. Microswift can help you convert your coaching business to be online from your website, to branding, to social media which in the long-run will help you market your new online coaching business which means more clients for you!

Flexible Schedule

If you have been coaching in real life with your clients at a gym, you may face the struggle of a time crunch. Maybe the one-on-one private coaching sessions take up a majority of your time and you don’t have the available schedule to fit in all the new clients that you have been hoping for. Microswift can help give you the gift of time through a flexible schedule! When your coaching business is converted to an online format, you now have the freedom and flexibility to create as many fitness coaching videos and tutorials as you would like and post them at your leisure. The benefit of online videos and tutorials is that your clients will now be able to access them at any time of the day, and watch them as many times as they would like. This now opens up your schedule so that you are able to post coaching media whenever you want which gives you the flexibility to control your own work schedule.

Virtual Online Courses

Communication Opportunities

In 2020, the online world provides an abundance of communication opportunities with individuals all around the world. This means that you no longer have to take the time out of your busy day to meet with clients to answer questions or have long phone calls that eat into your valuable time. When you convert your coaching business to an online format, the world of communication now opens up to you! Clients are able to get in contact with you via email, text, direct messaging, video chat, and through social media platforms. This option extends to clients anywhere in the world which makes your business more easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Your clients are now able to get the support they need at your convenience!

Coaching Website

Your Budget

If you have ever run your coaching business through a company, perhaps you have been restricted to following their budget when pricing your services. The benefit of switching your business to online is you finally get the freedom to price your services the way you want to. You get to decide how you price your services (e.g: through a monthly or yearly subscription or through each individual service video) so the opportunities are endless for creating a pricing budget that works well for you! This also gives you the freedom to easily change prices throughout time reflecting the quality of the services you provide online. With online coaching, you can also create promotional offers, seasonal deals, and free trials for your client base to give them the opportunity to choose what works best for their budget. It’s a win-win situation and everybody is happy!

Customize Your Business

Now that the face of your coaching business is being seen strictly online, Microswift can help you customize your business by building a brand that thoroughly represents who you are. You now have total creative freedom to design your branding, website, and social media the way that you see fit. Microswift’s skilled creative team can help bring your wildest business dreams to life by taking creativity to the next level and designing unforgettable brand identity so you can shine online and be your most unique self! People are drawn to professional and creative business brands so let Microswift design your long-lasting brand identity to help you gain more success for your business!

Branded Website

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