Creative Marketing - What Is It and Why You Need It in 2020

What Is “Creative Marketing”?

"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." — Edward de Bono

What is “creative marketing”? Maybe you have heard of that term before but never understood what it really meant. What makes that kind of marketing specifically “creative”? Is it the way in which the advertising is created? Or the way in which the advertising is presented? Well, creative marketing is a way of creating unique, personalized digital media for businesses to increase brand awareness which ultimately promotes higher sales.

Why is Personalized Digital Media Important?

For 2020, creativity is in like never before! Society has reached a point where the average person can only pay attention to something being presented to them for eight seconds. When your business is trying to promote brand awareness and increase sales, eight seconds is not a lot of time to instantly captivate your potential customers.

Creative Marketing Benefits - Microswift
Creative marketing provides the key to successful and memorable brand awareness

If your marketing involves an abundance of distractions and seems confusing, your viewers will lose interest. If your marketing is too basic and doesn’t automatically spark curiosity, your viewers will lose interest. The key is balance between the two factors to incorporate creativity while also keeping it simple enough for viewers to understand the message you are trying to convey right away.

Creative marketing provides the key to successful and memorable brand awareness that will leave your viewers thinking about your digital media long after they have seen it.

Personalized content for digital media marketing is important because it provides the consumer with a highly interactive experience opposed to using basic stock media for your marketing which ultimately generates little emotional appeal.

In 2020, stock photos and videos will be underwhelming for viewers as they have seen the same digital media used and repurposed for a variety of businesses. It’s time to finally break away from ordinary digital media and turn your marketing into extraordinary! Personalized content is a way for your clients to get to know your business on a personal level so that the marketing being presented to them is authentic and real. Personalized digital media can be used in creative marketing for your business through:

  • personalized photos of your business, product, and/or service
  • personalized videos of your business, product, and/or service

Personalized content for your digital media marketing is essential for giving your advertising a creative boost to attract brand awareness and help personalize the face of your business.

How is Personalized Digital Media Created?

Personalized digital media is created by our team of “Brand Ambassadors” who engage in the visual content through photoshoots and video shoots to accurately represent the business in a positive manner while simultaneously infusing the digital media with a creative flare. Our team of brand ambassadors stick to a thorough process when it comes to planning your digital media production. Here is the creative marketing breakdown:

1. PREPARATION - planning a production outline step-by-step

Creative Marketing - Step 1 - Preparation - Microswift

2. PRODUCTION - shooting all creative content through photos and videos

Creative Marketing - Step 2 - Production - Microswift

3. EDITING - using various editing softwares to carefully craft your work of art

Creative Marketing - Step 3 - Editing - Microswift

4. PUBLISHING - showing off your creative content through your online platforms

Creative Marketing - Step 4 - Publishing - Microswift

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." — Mary Lou Coo

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