Dental Intake Forms - How Does It Work And Why Do I Really Need It?

In this article we will be doing a product demo. From beginning to end. Helping shed some light on the significance of what the Dental Paperless Intake Forms can do. By the end of this read, you will come to realize that this form isn’t just a digital form but one that can provide your dentistry with a mine of data that will help in fact boost your dental marketing strategy.

The Process - The Known, The Obvious And The Expected

The obvious of course, is that the dental paperless intake form converts all patient forms into digital forms; whether its a new patient registration or a consent form or any type of internal office form, from loose paper to a digital stored file that can be accessed throughout the dental clinic. Making it efficient, saving data entry time and extra associated costs. Limiting the extra time the dentist needs to Waite to access patients data, the receptionists time scanning, entering and funny enough trying to decode patients hand writing.

These forms are optimized and can be integrated to be filled out through the dental clinics website or in office tablet or even through a patients phone on the go. The forms have strong SSL encryption that keeps records and patients data safe and optimally secured.

This alone is easy enough to convince a dental clinic to stop wasting time and convert to a paperless digital office. But Wait, thats not it. We have discussed the obvious. Let’s discuss the hidden gems now and wow you with the rest.

The Hidden Gems

Paperless Intake Form

By now we should all know, the digital world has endless limits. Converting any process to a digital one comes with many perks. The perks here are the hidden gems collected to wow your dental clinic. Lets start off with the data mining that the paperless intake forms are working in the backend to do. Data that businesses usually outsource the task to third party companies for help on retrieving.

Data analytics that helps your dental practise gain insight on where, how and when to position ADS, data to help strengthen the dental clinic marketing strategy.

Dental Demographic Data Analytics

The paperless intake forms, collects demographic data and generates digital reports for your dental practice to review. Data of such nature can be crucial for the clinic. Its a strong tool for your marketing strategy. Knowing the Female vs. Male patient ratio allows you to focus on gender specific ads that will attract the mass majority of your patients. In addition to this, knowing the individual status of your patients is crucial as again it will help your clinic focus on promotional campaigns to target the different patient statues.

Knowing the % of children patients allows your dental clinic to adapt to maybe more children friendly dental services or activities or overall atmosphere. Knowing the family ratio allows you to maybe focus more on a family related promotional offer or ad campaign.

Your Best Referral methods Data Analytics  

Dental Intake Forms

How many times have you asked the receptionist to ask the patients how they heard of your dental practice and maybe 50% of the time it was forgotten or missed? The answer is most likely “many times”. With the use of the paperless intake form you no longer need to do this. It is captured in the form. The data is collected and added to the data analytics on the generated report. Now you can see what is working best for your dental practice. If the best method is personal referrals maybe its time to add a referral program to your marketing strategy. Increase the referrals and increase your profits. Is it an online google campaigns? Maybe its time to increase your budget and start attracting more patients through this method.

This is real data. No time wasted hypothesizing what you may think is working and what isn’t and splintering your marketing budget left and right with no proven results.  

Digital Dental Forms

One More Example?

What would you possibly do with data like this? Well that is why we call it hidden gems. When the dental condition of your patients is broken down for you into categories, it makes it easy and preps you to deal with each and every patients when they enter with delicacy and care. Many of your patients suffer from bleeding or soft gums? Maybe it’s time to run a “healthy gum” campaign, encourage and promote regular dental hygiene check-ups or teeth cleaning. You have the power, you have the data. Use it to the advantage of your dental clinic and for the general health of your patients.

This data is a gold mine that usually dentists pay fortunes to retrieve. But guess what now, this data is digitally generated through the use of Microswift’s paperless intake dental forms.

It’s Not Over Yet!

It doesn’t end at this. The bundle just keeps showering your dental practice with endless marketing perks. Like an automated, integrated Google Review tool. With the automated Google reviews, now patients would have the chance to write you a review, which means higher ranking on Google My Business.

So let’s recap very quickly. You saved time, money increased workflow efficiency, got all the data analytics you need to strengthen your marketing and get to know your patients more plus all the google reviews you can ask for, all from the use of the paperless digital forms.

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