Digital Marketing Demand Increase in 2020 - Up your Game with Innovative, Fearless, Marketing Ideas

Why Your Business Needs Help From a Professional Marketing Agency

“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” — Mike Volpe

Digital Marketing

So, since you are already reading this blog article, chances are you have probably found it through the Microswift website. That means that you most likely interested in one or more of the services we have to offer; whether it be creative marketing, website design, or branding. Have we sparked your interest yet? Maybe you have a new business of your own that you have already started and need help with building it. Or perhaps your business is merely an idea thus far and you require assistance in actually bringing your ideas to life. Or maybe you have a well established business but you want some of the workload taken off your plate when it comes to marketing so you are looking for a helping hand to ease your stress. Whatever the situation may be, you are probably wondering what Microswift is all about and how we can help your business not just survive… but THRIVE!

Well, you have come to the right place. Our website has separate informational pages such as: “About Us”, “Services”, and “Works” which thoroughly encompasses what we are all about as a company, the vast services that we offer, and previous projects we have done in the past. However, maybe you’re looking for a more in-depth discussion about why your business needs help from a professional marketing agency. This is why our blog was created in the first place, to give you better insight into the specific topics that we talk about and to give you a realistic perspective of what we do here at Microswift. To remind you that behind the computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone screen… there are a creative group of people working at Microswift who have a passion for sharing their knowledge regarding topics such as creative marketing, web design, and branding. We genuinely want to help you grow your business so that it achieves its true potential and you can find the most success possible! We are here to lend a helping hand so that you can take one less thing off of your plate and get back to doing what is most important to you!

Maybe you’re not an expert in marketing and that’s is perfectly OK because you can place your trust in Microswift to guide you through the marketing process while we completely transform your business into something you have only ever imagined in your wildest dreams! We strive to turn the ordinary… extraordinary! If that sparks your interest, keep reading to find out why you truly need a professional marketing agency to handle all your business and marketing needs…

We Create Personalized Digital Media


When you think about the marketing that you have done in the past for your business, what is your go-to for visuals? What kind of digital media are you using? Is it media that you are taking yourself on your cellphone camera? Or is it stock footage through generic photos and videos? Whatever it may be, there is always room for improvement! What makes marketing so powerful is the right use of the visuals that you put with it. If you have something that catches eyes, turns heads, and grabs attention… you’re going to greatly benefit from that marketing because it is original, creative, and imaginative. If you are using stock footage that is easily recognizable to the general public, then it will give the impression that your business may not have the time or resources to create customized digital media. It also does not give a genuine impression to its viewers, as they don’t get to see the actual team behind the company name. If you are taking the media yourself using a cellphone camera or low-end digital camera, you may not be receiving the high-quality, professional results that you were hoping to achieve. Potential clients often do their research online before investing their time and energy in a company and they base their first impressions off of the digital media that they see. If they are looking at low-quality media, their lasting impression will be that they perhaps do not see your business as professional compared to your competition who is most likely already using a marketing agency. You want to stay ahead of the game and outshine your competition through marketing? Let Microswift help you out, we can create visually stunning digital media that is unique, innovative, and different than anything you have ever seen before! It will give your business a sense of personality that will resonate with your potential clients, giving them a great first impression of your business.

Excellent first impressions = great credibility and reputation!

We Create Extraordinary Websites

Maybe you haven’t even officially started up your business yet but you have all the right ideas and need help crafting a website that fits with your goals and aspirations. Or perhaps you have built a small business for yourself already and have a basic website set up but you want help redesigning it so that it fits with your overall brand aesthetic. Or maybe you have a well established business already with a professional looking website but there are still a few small features that you want to be added as you grow and expand. Wherever you are in the creative process of designing your website, Microswift is here to help you! A website truly is the first impression that potential clients get when they find your business online, so it is very important to put your best foot forward in presenting your business properly and professionally. We like to create websites that are not only modern and professional looking, but also creative, imaginative, and original. Why blend in with your competition and give potential clients more reason to question which business to rely on? You should shine brightly and stand out from the crowd because that is what will ensure maximum success for your business. Creating a website that does all of that can be a very daunting task but that’s why Microswift is here to help!

Turn your business dreams into a reality by transforming your website into an interactive, responsive, and creative place for your potential clients to feel welcomed into your community and learn more about what your business is all about!

We Create Long-Lasting Brand Identity

Product Marketing

How would you describe your business’s brand identity? Does your business even have a solid brand identity yet? Brand identity is what defines the face of your business and gives your company a personality that is easily recognizable through a simplistic logo, a clever slogan, and a complimentary colour scheme. However, there are many important factors that go into creating long-lasting brand identity. Microswift has all the secrets that unlock true potential when it comes to defining brand identity for your business so that your business can have a unique personality of it’s own! Microswift knows exactly how to think outside the box, define our own set of rules, and push the creativity to the limit! Our skilled creative team knows exactly how to represent the values of your business and demonstrate them in an imaginative way to your client base. Let us help you define your business in the best way possible so that you can sit back and watch the magic happen as your brand identity transforms into something truly extraordinary and unforgettable!

Why Microswift?

Creative Marketing

Now, you may be asking… why Microswift? There are many marketing agencies out there to choose from. What makes Microswift so special? Well, we will never try to falsely sell ourselves or push for leads. We have a highly skilled creative team that works extremely hard to create the most original, creative, and extraordinary digital media for our company that truly speaks for itself… and we have such a fun time doing it! We are not an ordinary company with the traditional office space; we have a one-of-a-kind studio space where photography, videography, graphic design, web design, and branding magic happens! We all work with a heart full of passion for what we do on a daily basis and that is highlighted through the creative work that we produce. We also always make customer service/satisfaction our main priority as we value our amazing clients. We are here to help you achieve all of your marketing dreams!

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” - Michael Hyatt

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