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Microswift’s COVID-19 Effective Dental Solutions

Covid-19 Dental Solutions

The dental industry is extremely interactive as dentists, hygienists, and other staff members frequently interact with their patients to help maintain good oral health. COVID-19 has completely eliminated the ability for dental clinic’s to assist in providing dental care for it’s patients through regular routines such as check-ups, cleanings, and surgeries. Since social distancing was put into place, it has made traditional dental care virtually impossible to execute. Not only was the dental clinic a place for patients to receive treatments, but it was a place for dental professionals to connect with their patients, give them oral healthcare tips, provide essential dental care equipment for “at home” maintenance (e.g: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss). This constant flow of connection between dental professional and client is what kept the industry alive and thriving. Now that the world is rapidly changing, it is vital that the dental industry change with it to adapt to the new way of living that keeps not only the patients safe but the entire dental team.

Here are some ways in which dental professionals can keep in contact with their patients:

  • offering the option of ‘teledentistry’ to patients (the practice of dental care/support while social distancing at home)
  • online virtual consultations (through Skype or Zoom)
  • keeping patients informed through educational social media posts (through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube)
  • uploading informative blog articles on your dental clinic’s website to help keep your patient’s up-to-date on news or “at home” dental care tips

One of the most important ways to adapt to the new changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is the practice of ‘teledentistry’. What exactly is teledentistry? Teledentistry is the practice of dental care and support but while social distancing at home while still complying with regular standards of practice through proper patient information storage and encryption to ensure privacy and security. Teledentistry is primarily for essential dental-related emergencies.

Additionally, during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, you might be struggling to come up with efficient and safe ways to re-open your dental clinic when it is seen as safe to do so by your government. Although these are difficult times, you don’t need to suffer through the difficulty of implementing changes in your dental clinic. Microswift has three highly effective and safe solutions to help protect not only you and your team of staff, but also your valued patients.

We understand that creating safety measures that comply with government standards, HIPAA, and PHIPA can be a difficult task but Microswift is here to help make your life easier by providing you with the tools you need to safely protect your clinic and patients when it comes time to re-open.

COVID-19 Patients Online Screening

Microswift’s ‘Patients Online Screening’ is an online solution to safely and effectively screen your patients for COVID-19 at home through a digital form that they are required to fill out before even entering your dental office. The benefit of the online screening is that if a patient slightly feels any COVID-19 related symptoms, the digital online form will force them to stop filling it out and give them a variety of solutions such as:

  • a call from the dentist to work out an alternate plan
  • a telehealth and/or teledentistry consultation
  • seek medical attention at nearest hospital

This automatic system will help prompt the patient to take care of their health first to help protect themselves and the world around them.

If a patient feels well and shows no signs of COVID-19 symptoms, they will be able to complete the form and will be given further instructions on how to proceed with their dental appointment safely. These instructions are critical to not only the patients wellbeing but the wellbeing of everyone around the patient.

The ‘Patients Online Screening’ is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and PHIPA (Personal Health Information Privacy Act), and all patient data is securely encrypted for personal privacy and protection. The ‘Patients Online Screening’ is available on websites, emails, computers, tablets, and mobile phones for easy access anywhere which assists in saving time and money while collecting important patient data for your dental clinic’s screening process.

Online Patient Screening Forms

Emergency Virtual Consultation

Microswift’s ‘Emergency Virtual Consultation’ system is an easy way for patients to have online consultations with dentists for faster access to dental related support. This provides dentists with the opportunity to evaluate their patients dental health in real time to provide immediate support virtually opposed to having to go to the dental office and risk health and safety.

The benefits of the ‘Emergency Virtual Consultation’ system is that patients will have the opportunity to:

  • fill out a detailed form to describe their emergency symptoms
  • checking symptom boxes that apply to them
  • writing out their symptoms in detail in the comment section
  • colouring in the area of pain on an animated picture of a mouth with teeth
  • uploading a real photo of the area of pain for the dentist to examine

This system allows the dentist to get an accurate insight into the area of issue for the patient.

The ‘Emergency Virtual Consultation’ is compliant with HIPP and PHIPA, and all patient data is securely encrypted for personal privacy and protection. The ‘Emergency Virtual Consultation’ is available on websites, emails, computers, tablets, and mobile phones for easy access.

Virtual Consultation

Paperless Patients Intake Forms

Make the transition from traditional to modern with the ‘Paperless Patients Intake Forms’ that eliminate the need for paper and pen and replace your patient intake form system with interactive online digital forms that saves you an abundance of time, money, and resources. The ‘Paperless Patients Intake Forms’ are available on a variety of platforms such as your website, tablet, or mobile phone for easy access to speed up the new patient process and securely save the data in your dental clinic’s system.

Here are some benefits to Microswift’s ‘Paperless Patients Intake Forms:

  • all patient information is SSL encrypted for safety and security
  • multi-layer security is implemented
  • easy to use (optimized to work on any device)
  • safe and secure (records are encrypted, passwords are protected, patient information safely stored in the dental clinic’s system)
  • track data (discover how new patients found out about your business)
  • get reviews (automated Google reviews for higher business rank)

Transform your patients communication and get in touch automatically though automated email marketing within the ‘Paperless Patients Intake Forms’ so that you are able to send out important information to your patients such as news letters, new blog articles, special offers, and exclusive events.

The benefit of automatic email marketing:

  • you are in total control
  • you decide what to share via automatic email marketing
  • you decide whom you share information with
  • you can share branded business marketing emails
  • allows your patients to identify your business branding for recognition
  • instills a sense of trust and credibility
  • builds a business relationship with your patients

Paperless Patient Intake Forms

Microswift’s goal is to help provide your dental clinic with the tools and resources you need to help adjust and adapt to the new health and safety requirements so that you can maintain a sterile clinic for when the government allows you to officially re-open!

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