Everything You Need To Know To Grow Digitally

In this article, we will cover the nitty gritty on everything you need to know when it comes to growing your business online. Microswift is passionate about helping brands increase their brand awareness, grow online presence, increase SEO and overall offer solutions to bloom their digital presence.

It hasn’t been easy for businesses during this unpleasant time, however, there are still ways in which businesses can find their path to grow and engage with their community! One of the best ways to go about doing this is utilizing social media and content marketing strategies.

We know that a lot of business owners are wondering how exactly they can use digital platforms and content marketing to market their services or products. Now more than ever, it’s very competitive for businesses because everyone is online nowadays. There are endless opportunities that can be used to help businesses grow exponentially online! But it all starts with a plan and the right kind of mindset.

Digital Marketing

The fact of the matter is, yes, there are lots of different brands, businesses and companies out there but you can still stand out by having your own unique style, voice, theme and design. First off, let's look into the idea of becoming somewhat of an authoritative brand in the industry. One of the most effective ways to establish and promote your brand is through content. Whether that be a blog, videos or photos, you really can engage with the people that follow you online as well as attract new potential customers. By becoming an authoritative brand in the industry you are in (this means constantly posting new, high quality content and keeping up-to-date on the latest trends), you will make a name for your business in the online world, which is growing quite rapidly! In the end, the goal should be to make an impact and make a statement with your message. By doing this, you will be able to reach new audiences and increase your engagement online.

Digital Advertising

Consider looking into high quality and properly planned Facebook and Instagram ads. When executed correctly, these can help your business reach more targeted audiences, especially when you work with an agency that knows exactly what they are doing! Ads are an entertaining way to show off extensive, high quality content to consumers. Now, they key note here is that you need to mainly focus on your own niche. At Microswift, we always target audiences that will be dialled into what our clients have to sell when setting up ad campaigns. We do this in a way in which we can then generate leads into paying customers.

Digital Advertising


As for blogging, it’s very important to include high quality blog posts on your website because this will increase the ranking of your business on Google search. You truly can do so much with this marketing technique. When you have an audience that is interested about the industry you are in or the services/products you provide, they will want to hear what you have to say! Your consumers will be invested in your content when it pertains to their interests. Blogging is an efficient way to share your expertise and to promote your businesses services or products.


Social Media

Let’s discuss posting times for social media and keeping up a constant image for your business. Remember that consistency is KEY! That’s why it’s recommended to work with an agency that can take care of that for you, plus, they know how to fully take advantage of all the tools on social platforms, so business owners can focus working for their business, not on the business. Customers rely on brands and businesses to provide the most up-to-date versions of their products or services, customers don’t want to find a product and then come to realize that the featured description hasn’t been updated in a year. Always give out the most relevant and recent information for your brand and let’s not forget that your content needs to match your tone, theme and brand’s message.

Photography & Videography

Using videography and photography based content will increase engagement and brand awareness which will then lead to an increase in revenue for business. Infographic and video graphic content are always great to include in your content marketing plan because consumers like to see the visuals behind factual information as it is more entertaining! Telling a special story through visuals can do a whole lot for your business and it’ll make your message memorable. Here are some steps you need to take:

  • craft professional video ads or branded video posts
  • create a driven story that connects with the audience and moves them
  • spark emotion and inspiration
  • appeal to the five senses by using descriptive words
  • play into what makes your content fun and professional at the same time

Photography & Videography

Just continue to strive for those long term and short term goals, have that drive and that passionate mindset, because it’ll help you take those steps to grow!

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