Future-Proof Your Marketing

How can you future-proof your marketing to ensure your business stays alive and afloat during times of uncertainty. The last thing you would want to see is your business become obsolete after many and many years of hard work put into it. It could be just one dominant competitor that surfaces and sweeps your business off its feet or a new trend or a new technology. In short this is why this article talks about future-proofing your business Marketing to keep you in the game.

What is Future-Proofing Your Marketing Mean?

This is the concept of using several different strategies or approaches to your marketing plan to make your business model less susceptible to changes in the future. The future is unpredictable, however,  if you allow your business to invest in their overall marketing strategy and consistently and continuously keep up and are open to changes then, the threat on your business can be avoided.

Online Marketing

New Competition! New Technology! New Consumer Preferences!

These are just a few of the threats your business may experience or come to clash with. If you do not have a strong marketing plan or marketing goals, any competitor of any size who may have just entered the industry can tip your business over. Keep in mind your business is not the only one of it’s nature in the industry, there are many business selling or promoting or offering what you have, the winner will always be the one who has that marketing plan that adjusts to consumer trends, adapts to new form of technology, apps, online platforms and is very aware of that a marketing plan is always visited and updated.

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We mentioned earlier in this article to always be ready to adapt to new forms of marketing practices. But let’s discuss this in a little more detail; most business who run their own marketing tent to focus on one strategy or the use of one social media platform for example because of the limited time and resources they have to invest in a more broad spectrum of marketing. While other business, and these are the ones playing it smart and Future-Proofing their marketing, are partnering with experienced marketing specialist to promote their business on several platform and through the use of several marketing strategies.

Heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs into one basket?” this is exactly what a business should not do at any given time. As trends are changing day over day and this will exhaust your energy to try and change your business model each and every-time. Have a marketing strategy that has open space for change and adaptation.

“A POWERFUL BRAND can withstand any strong storm”  


Coca-cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Adidas, these are all Brands that lived through generations and generations. The one common thing between all these names is that they had and have and will have continue to be leaders in the industry. Because they are built on a strong and powerful Brand. McDonald’s has seen almost every possible trend and faced thousands of competition but continue to have its spot in the market. Future-Proof your Marketing by building a Brand for your business as consumers will stick far longer if they get attached to your brand.


To sum it up, it is possible to for any business to become susceptible but at the same time it is also possible for any business to outlive any change if their marketing plan advocates for a diversity of ideas and has space for change and growth.

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