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Finding the right marketing agency to work with can be very challenging. And let’s face it, what is worse than locking yourself in with a marketing agency that you soon come to realize was a huge mistake. And now you are stuck finding a way out rather than focusing on how to market your business right. In this article, you will find some very helpful and useful tips and red flags to look for before deciding on who you want to work with and who you want to help you represent your business’ reputation.

Keep these following traits in mind and as you can spot one one for sure you will be able to spot more warning signs.

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1. Is Their Marketing Done In-House?

Many of the times, the marketing agency whom you may think your working with is actually outsourcing their marketing services to third parties. Believe it or not, they act as the interface of the business but all marketing activities are outsources. How may this affect you? 2 things, first and foremost your cost. Because their marketing is not being created and developed in house they have extra outsourced costs and the only way they can make up for it is by high jacking your marketing products and services costs. Secondly, the turn around times, the answers to your burning questions and waiting times will be much longer and staggered. As now, there is a line of communication beginning with you back to the marketing agency and then to the outsources source and then vice versa.

This alone without any other warning sign should be a big no no when making the decision.

2. Do They Show Their Works/Projects Online?

Look for past or current project this Marketing Agency is working or worked on. Get a feel of their creativity, ambition and detail. Is their touch professional or are they a startup experimenting. This will help you decide on if you are willing to gamble and see if your project will be a success or not. What is the first impression or vibe you feel. Can they voice your thoughts through their work?

How Do They Run Their Own Business?

Look at the work they have invested in themselves. How is their website running, how did you find them. Were on the top search engine pages? How is their content. This gives you the unique position to judge them as any potential lead may judge the work this agency produces for you.  

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3. Look Out For What Type Of Results They Promise!

You will find plenty of marketing agencies that promise you the world within the first minutes of a deal. This is an immediate red flag. Trying to sell by making false promises using predictions based on insufficient data is the worst thing to play along with. A true marketing agency will understand your business, develop the ideal marketing strategy for your business and based on that provide you with realistic results timelines.

4. Communication Is Key!

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From the initial stages, pay attention to the communication trends between your team and the potential marketing agency. Are they clear, do they get back in time, are they consistent is there a delay in communication. Make sure you find a chemistry that fits with your company. In the end this is an ongoing relationship and needs to foster mutual trust in each other.

In the end, your goal s to find a marketing agency that can deliver your needs but it is also very important to find one you can spend time with.  

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