Here are our predictions for the Marketing industry's future

It’s fair to say that without marketing a business can not exit! Yes that is a bold statement, but backed up with solid evidence and past experiences and encounters. Marketing helps the growth and is the major driving engine to any given business.

Online Marketing

Marketing has changed over decades and will continue to evolve and take over to determine the growth and profits of all businesses.

"This is no longer the Industrial Age, where messaging was carefully controlled and delivered. Here in the the Social Age, we’ve grown tired of traditional marketing. Either deliberately through technology, or mentally by choice, we’ve blocked out commercials. So what we say about us no longer matters. Today, it is what others say about us that matters most". - Mark Babbitt.

Content is Key

The digital momentum circling around your brand makes all the difference. It either breaks or makes your business. Right now content is king and you are what you post. In the future content will be the one main key to the success of your business. Everything will heavily rely on the content you choose to post.

“Content is definitely the way companies are going to connect with consumers, create brand awareness and generate a good portion of sales.” - Chelsey Moter.

Online Content

Currently, the Internet is overly crowded with websites, social media pages, posts and so much that the consumer is distracted by what they choose to follow or invest in. Imagine 10-15 years from now how much worse this will get. As the net gets busier everyday it will be hard for a business to stand out and get the deserved attention. To have any success marketing your business in the future, your agencies and marketers will need to play a big role. Knowing and having extensive experience in the digital and marketing era will be a bonus as to creating captivating, thrilling, value adding and inspiring content that is branded to really be able to stand out. You think its hard managing the marketing process for your business now? Waite a few more years and it will be almost impossible to do so.

“Marketing is currently moving from not-very-targetable, to extremely-targetable”. - Brennan White.

Very well said, when a business focuses on marketing with a target in mind the benefits are enormous; focusing on optimizing specifically for conversion of consumers, increased sales and a high ROI.

What is your Story

Brand Story Telling

The future of marketing will weight in on how well you can tell a story. The story of your brand that is! Ultimately you want to sell your products, but to be able to do so you need to have a good if not a great story as to why it should be you the consumer decides to make the final deal with.

Everything is moving fast, at an uncontrollable paste

In the years to come, everything will need to be automated. Taking an order over the phone, punching it in, manually scanning etc etc will not be the case. There will be no room for that nor will the consumers have the patience for this. Websites will convert into an e-commerce shaped platform. Where everything is digital, automated with an easy online store fast check-out updates in real time and connivence.  

E-commerce Website Design

In the end, regardless what happens today, tomorrow, in the next year, 5 years from now or even 10, if your business is not following up on all marketing trends, innovation, new concepts or any new idea from now, catching up will be impossible, frustrating and a distraction to your business. Continue to follow the marketing trends over time and you will never miss out on developments and growth opportunities.

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