How Often Should My Business Publish A Blog On The Website

How often and when you should publish a blog is really up to you. However, creating a blog posting schedule in which you publish once a week or twice a month is very important to your business brand awareness and it helps build organic traffic.

Ever wonder why a dental clinic may have a blog section? Or why a restaurant may publish blogs or why a barber shop invests time and money in a blog page on their website? Many times, as a Marketing company, we get asked the question “why do I need a blog section who even reads it and why should I over complicate my website with more pages?” Oh and the list of why and why goes on. In simple and short terms here is why it is a “must” now to include a blog section to your business. Its no longer an optional choice as though some still opt out but once hearing what we have to say this decision will soon change.


“ORGANIC Traffic”

When a blog or an article is written by a professional with adequate experience in the marketing and digital industry it is written to trigger certain key word on the net that nudges search engines to index the page to higher rankings in search results. In more technical terms it boosts your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) therefore enhancing your brand and business awareness. Blog posts traffic is compounding, meaning that over time it gains organic results.

We think of Google as an online detective. Crawling through every single page of a website, including, blog pages in search for certain SEO triggers.


Blogging Schedule

If your main goal from blogging is to organically drive more traffic and clicks to your website then blogging frequently is very important to accomplish this. Also if your goal is for brand awareness, then the blogging schedule could be a little less frequent. Why is that? Here you need to focus on creating blog content that is diversifying and capture certain products you want to promote and make sure you deliver high end content to enhance your brand awareness, this take time and needs to be done with detail and should be given that extra time to resinate with your audience before pushing out new content.

Fun Fact “ In 2019 it was found that marketers who prioritize marketing efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI.”

Blogging Benefits

With a blog there is so much that can be done. As a marketing company, we encourage business to publish all blogs to all Social Media Platforms with links directing consumers to the blog page. Your driving traffic to your website through all social media platforms through the means of blogging. Now that you have users landing on your blogging page, you can control where they navigate through the back links you include in your blog. Embed links to other pages in your website you would like to drive traffic to within your blog.

Make Blogging the Foundation that connects your Social Media platforms and your Online Search to your Website. Point all traffic your way. A marketing company will make a list of keywords and topics and certain categories for your business to be found.

Since not every one use blogging to the best of its limits, those who do will be able to position themselves as market and industry leaders. You are able to demonstrate to the industry your knowledge, your skills and your services and tools. Become the hub to your industry through the use of blogging, this will build trust with your customers as you can now show you are well-verified.  

There are direct and indirect benefits to blogging for your business. Weight them out and see how diversified your can make your business become online through well written, articulated blogs

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