Instagram Adds REELS - What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Reels on the Rails

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What a perfect example of a continuous development and growth in the social media industry. Even when Instagram is working and is very successful for many business to use as a way to interact and engage with customers, Instagram has decided to step up their game and add a new gadget. In one way, kudos to them for always wanting to find creative ways to grow their platform and in another way, a chance for your business to shine on a completely different level.

What is Reels Exactly?

In just a few words, Reels essentially allows you to create and share 15-second videos with anyone using Instagram through your Feed, Stories and the Explore pages. Allowing them to be viewed by the wider Instagram community.

Instagram Reels

How Can I Use Reels To Benefit My Business?

Reels gives your business the opportunity to share more dynamic and creative content that would allow you to showcase more of your brand’s true personality. There are over 1 Billion active users on Instagram, taking advantage of Reels is the best way to build a community online and grow your audience reach. An extra bonus, if your business is already on Instagram, then your already in the lead, now add a creative approach to showcasing who you are.

A New Open Path…….

Because Reels shows up on users Explore pages, your videos can now reach a completely new set of audiences, on a “global scale”. Optimize this new feature and gain new viewers to your page.

Video Advertising

Here Are 3 Tips On How Reels Can Help With Your Marketing Strategy

#1 - Being Able to Create Content That Actually Resonates With Your Audience

Take Instagram stories as an example, compare the level of interaction with your regular posts and your Instagram stories, the obvious answer is the interaction with stories has a higher viewing rate than a regular post. Now lets put this in perspective, if Instagram stories was a massive success, imagine the impactful success that Reels could have. Reels is fast - keeping the viewers attention span, fun - maintaining the viewers interest levels in place and packed with special effects to showcase how your business is always adapting to the every changing social world.

With Reels, you are being able to share short captivating videos, and what that means is a lot more interaction than with just picture-perfect content which is great but hand in hand could be greater.

With Reels, your business will reach a whole new set of audiences. Your Reels content will show up on users Explore pages just like that, allowing them to view your creative content and follow with a click of a button.

Instagram For Businesses

#2 - Being Able to Share Educational Content In A Brand New Way

Snap, Clip, Share and voila! One of the quickest way to share any educating content for your business and post in seconds and grow your niche in one of the quickest ways available online.

#3 - Being Able to Showcase your Products/ Services On a Different Level

Reels automatically pushes out on Instagram Explore Pages, allowing millions of users who don’t know you or ever heard of your business to follow your content. - THIS IS A HUGE BENEFIT!

Some of the biggest brands have quickly adapted to the use of Instagram Reels, like Louis Vuitton, Sephora and many more. Don’t let your business miss out on a new way to grow sales and increase profits.

Instagram Reels

It is never to late to create your business Instagram account and be apart of a Reels community that will help you understand your online community better.

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