Is Your Marketing Stuck In The Past?

Everyone out grows at some point in time and needs to adapt. That is just how the world works. A baby outgrows a bottle, cloth, shoes and needs to adapt to the next stages in life. This is just a metaphor but in reality this isn’t any different than any marketing process. Think of your marketing as a baby, it outgrows old tactics, ideas and previously used strategies and needs to adapt to new ways of marketing a business.

IN THE 70’s & 80’s

In the past decades, marketing has evolved tremendously. Let's take the 70's as an example. In the 70’s there were only 2 popular ways of getting your way into the market. The use of “TV”; which back then, had just 3 channels and through Black and White Newspapers. At that time participating in either was a great success for any business and helped spread the word. As decades evolved and moved into the 80s, the existence of Cable TV had come into place. It reshaped the industry. Cable TV allowed for the advertisement of products and companies to become internationalized and reach a worldwide audience, similar to what the internet has done in this decade.

People adapted right away and moved to marketing strategies and tactics that worked best during that given “Time Period”. And so did the consumer, they adapted to the news ways of advertising. When 30 seconds or 15 seconds Ads came into existence in the 80’s, businesses weren’t stuck in advertising tactics from the 70’s they shifted their mind set and took on new ways of running their business.

Old School Marketing

IN THE 90’s

As time progressed and we moved into the 90’s, advertising, marketing and the whole process kept changing with new ways evolving. The “Internet” became a tool. It become all about content marketing. Print Marketing in the form of brochures for example become prominent. Fax machines became a great way to market and advertise, Sponsored television, chain emails, blogging and Google were all prominent. As clear as it is, tv advertising still existed from the 70s to the 90s but was less of a prominent tool. As new tools evolved, business adapted and moved ahead.

Advertising And Marketing Campaigns

THE 2000’s

As we moved into the 2000s, many more tools became accessible; Marketing Campaigns, Social media Platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, the launch of Wordpress in 2003, the launch of Google’s real time search engine results in 2009. What does all this mean, 2 words -  evolving and adapting. Growing out of old habits and tactics.

For example with all the new tools launched in 2000s, the effectiveness of marketing and advertising in a newspaper would be like operating at a 70’s era level. At that time it worked, but now the market is way to noisy for a consumer to want to search in a newspaper. In this era, smart phones became popularized giving way easier access to consumers to browse the internet and digital platforms and thus a popularity in online marketing.

“In 2011, the web-use % overtook TV viewership among the youth demographic”. This decade saw a massive change in the way consumers operated online.

This created a dominos effect, mobile usage surpassed desktop traffic, forcing business to ensure their websites became mobile optimized. With everything mentioned, it is literally impossible to market a business using a different decades marketing practices.



As we came into the 2020, tactics are now at their peak. All business need to have a strong presence using current up to date marketing practices to be able to gain the benefits.

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