Million Dollar Ads Review

Facebook Advertising

KADs Affordable Luxury Jewellery

This is a short piece but what’s great about it is that it doesn’t leave the audience with any questions. The ad gets right to the point stating what the featured product is, what it looks like, and that it’s affordable. These are the questions that consumers want the answers to. We like the music choice and how it starts right at the beginning of the ad while showcasing a jewellery piece up close, really accentuating the finer details of the necklace. There’s full focus on the product, no one watching this is going to ask “I wonder what they are featuring?”, because immediately the product is right in front of you. They have nice branding at the end where the company’s name is displayed.

Online Marketing

Favcrate Retail Company

What’s great about this ad is that there’s vlog footage of what the product can produce and how it works. Throughout the video, there are informative graphics about the product and its features. The first clip shows an overview of a room that is beautifully lit by the sunset lamp, giving off a golden hour setting. Right from the beginning, we can get a sense of what a room would look like using their sunset lamp. They go into stating facts about how many lamps have been sold and their star reviews which builds their credibility and their relationship with consumers. To end it off, the company adds a strong call to action where they display in bold white letters: "Get yours today”.

LiveFit Foods

Right from the start, you can tell this is more of a graphic style video. The ad includes a variety of different images which makes it all the more engaging. It was nice to see the different meals that can be made with their meatless patty in quick clip form. At the end, there was a call to action which was the message saying to subscribe and save 10%. This kind of ad targets people who may want a healthier option when it comes to beef patties and for people who are part of the vegetarian/vegan community. In general, their overall message is to let people know that they can get items shipped right to their door so they can cook in the comfort of their home. This is a smart message to focus in on because of what’s going on in the world right now with the current lockdown.

The Detox Market

Marketing Campaigns

What we noticed with this last ad is that it brings a bunch of different layers together which created a well produced video ad. There are diverse shots ranging from close ups of the products to stop motion snippets of a woman using the product. The ad has an open ended question at the beginning of the video with different images portrayed in the background, leaving the audience to fill in the blanks. The opening of this video was very well planned and the use of imagery was extremely effective. It goes into detail about the different products customers can get in their hydration pack, the benefits of each product and what they look like. Finally, it ends with the brand name and what their new collection is called so people know what to look for when they are shopping. The audience is not overwhelmed with the products nor are they overwhelmed with what’s going on in the video. It’s a great balance between information and imagery.

Which of these videos do you think will be the next million dollar ad?

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