Strong Brand Strategies and Tools to Empower the Growth of your Dental Clinic

Strategies and Tools to Empower the Growth of your Dental practice

If all you find your self doing is examining your competition, then you are defiantly missing out on critical information that could help push your Dental Practice forward. Focus on your Dental practice and invest time and money in growing and empowering your dental clinic so that you dominate in the Dental industry.

Discover and examine the following three important strategies and tools that will set your dental clinic apart.

#1 Invest in a Well Built Dental Website Design


Your Dental website is a major part of your Dental marketing strategy. Ranking high on Google search results should be your main focus. You need to become the talk of your local and extended neighbourhood. To do this, the first step would be to invest in a well built, branded, customized and optimized website that has a strong built SEO and sets you apart. Building a $1,000 website with a freelancer or a Wordpress template does not mean you followed through. In doing so you are just convincing yourself that you have check marked the first step to the success of your online presence. Very soon you will come to realize that your dental service pages are not visible online and most likely buried, missing on the opportunity of attracting new patients. You will start to panic and go back to square one, examining your competition and second guessing yourself.

All pages on your website are equally important and need to rank high on search engines. Every dentist is competing for the same pool of patients in the close range distancing neighbourhood. A well built Dental website with a strong SEO will attract all qualified patients actively seeking dental care in your area.

A Dental website needs to focus on content. Content that is relevant and connects with your patients but written with quality and is SEO friendly.  

Spend MORE to get MORE in return. Invest time in searching for an agency that will give you the website you need to set you apart from competition and help you raise above. A reputable agency will spend time with you to understand your goals, your story and convert this into revenue and an online reputation.

#2 Why every Dentists needs Social Media Marketing

Next in the Dental marketing strategy process, is Social Media. SMILE! Because surprisingly, a very significant number of dentists still undermine the power of Social Media platforms. “Constantly setting it aside”. Or trying to manage it themselves once in a blue moon. Posting irrelevant content, non cohesive posts and basically having a social media page that has absolutely no value and no return on investment of any sort. In fact, hindering the dental clinic’s brand overall.


Posting regularly to Social Media platforms keeps your patients always engaged with you in-between visits. Bonus points for that, keeping you on their minds at all times.

Influence is a super important aspect in this age of time. If managed correctly, your social media platforms can heavily influence your patients or attract new patients by increasing brand awareness and influencing decisions.

You are building an online reputation where patients can, in other words virtually get to know you before they even meet you. This tool gives you the chance to build your dental clinic online and establish a strong authoritative brand that speaks loud.

Invest in paid campaigns, this can help dentists reach hundreds of potential patients in a very cost-effective way.

#3 Attain a Fully Paperless Dental Clinic


Probably wondering how a paperless tool fits in with the topic of Dental Marketing right? The one and only word is “interactive”. Still doesn’t make sense right? Once your dental practice moves into a paperless world, you will come to realize the numerous advantages and benefits of taking this step.

Let’s break this down for you. A paperless dental office allows for every piece of information to flow through the dental office effortlessly. From the patient to the reception to the dentist and right back to the patient. Allowing for productivity hence saving time therefore a great return on your investment.  Converting paper forms into interactive online digital forms is massive boost to your dental marketing strategy. In converting over to a paperless approach you have constant interaction with your patients. Following up with with an integrated email marketing “review us” template, a “promotional offer”, or a "dental cleaning” follow up reminder. The interaction between you and your patients is always there.

Dominate in the Dental Industry with an effective, transparent, creative & smart marketing strategy plan. Whatever your goals are, at Microswift we are here to craft & implement a custom plan for your dental clinic.

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