Swap PDF Forms With Smart Digital Forms

For as long as we can remember, we walk into a dental office or a doctors office and immediately we are hit with a board that has a punch of papers stacked and maybe a pen, if available, and asked to start filling out the forms. Half the time we make a mistake and scribble over it and try to make room to write in the right information to maybe get up and ask for a new piece if paper. What about when we enter a cake shop and want to order a cake. Half the time the order comes out wrong because they couldn’t make out our hand writing or we miss an order because our paper was lost in the shuffle.

Digital Forms

What about when we register for an event but show up and our name is not on the list and we miss out because our registration paper can’t be found. What about the time when we didn’t get paid for those extra 9 hours we worked because the time card went missing?

What does all this have in common? All theses processes use paper forms, loose paper forms that can be easily lost or mis-entered into a system or just gone astray. These are just some of the difficulties and hurdles of using paper forms. What about that overtime used to enter data into the system from these paper forms or the wasted time spent scanning in these forms into your system.

Online Forms

In the end the ultimate goal is to get these forms loaded up and saved into your system. So why beat around the bush to get that done when it can automatically, digitally and electronically flow right through and be used and accessible from anywhere in your business process. Saves the entry time, the lost documents, eliminates redundant tasks and eases communication and routes data in real time.

Digital forms are built for easy use digitally; mobile, tablet and desktops, to collect Data, hassle free and with ease for both your business and the end user.

Electronic Forms

Here is how it is done now:

  • Paper form is filled out
  • Rekey in process into a business system
  • Slow time and hurdles:
  1. Interpret handwriting
  2. Fix errors caused by the interpretation process
  3. Double check and save

A manual process that can be easily automated.

Patient Intake Form

Remove the bottleneck in your business and:

  • Save Time with Standardized Data Collection
  • Simplified and Speed Process
  • Ensure Data Accuracy and Automated Workflow
  • Data Shared In Real Time  
  • Secure Data Encryption

Smart Digital Form

Usually an application is created with a specific industry in mind, however, regardless of what industry your business is in, you can eliminate all the burden of any manual process through the use of digital forms. Stop keeping track of paper and focus on making more money for your business to grow.

Let’s think eco-friendly, save on trees and protect customers data by going digital.

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