The A, B, C’s to GOOGLE Reviews

In this article we will discuss two things: 1) The Importance of Google Reviews to your business and 2) The Solutions to acquiring Google Reviews.

Let’s start off by simply outlining what Google reviews are exactly. Google reviews are a feature in which customers have the ability to rate, review and leave a comment on how their overall experience was with your business encounter. More so, it’s done online, on your Google business page for the general public to view. The first question we often hear is well, why do I need this? or how will this affect me? well, this is where we tap into the importance of Google Reviews.


Google Reviews

Google reviews have a massive impact on your brands reputation and credibility. When a customer is satisfied they are likely to give a high ranking review and a positive comment on your Google business page. And if a customer is dissatisfied, they will also likely leave a negative or bad review, is that bad? absolutely not! this allows you to asses gaps and flaws in your business and provides you with valuable insight to improve and evolve as a business. This review may be the answer to why you are not as busy as you would like to be or why your business is moving very slow. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your commitment and loyalty to your customers. Prove that your willing to learn from previous mistakes and improve and adapt to new ways of business to attract a positive vibe.

Let’s tap into this on a more serious level. Google is known to be the most popular search engine worldwide, so having Google reviews posted to your Google business page regularly will have a massive impact on your google SEO ranking. How does this work? well google recognizes business with high reviews in terms of count, quality and overall diversity of the reviews hence, affecting the business online ranking.

Google Business Page

As you increase your Google reviews and start to rank higher, the likelihood of new customers finding you in that much greater which in turn drives more traffic to your website and with more clicks.  - Here is an interesting fact “It has been said that over 93% of purchases made actually began with an online search!”

One very important aspect, is that many people trust in online reviews and in-fact it becomes a decisive decisions in making a purchase or investment in your business. People trust online reviews in the same sense that they trust a referral from an acquaintance.  

Believe it or now, data has recently shown businesses are now getting more phone calls directing from a Google listing as compared to the phone calls coming in directly from their website.  

Google reviews can be one of the most successful marketing strategies and can drive brand trust, boost local SEO and act as a survey providing valuable feedback to your business.


Google Review System

Google Reviews 101

Getting Google reviews can be tough and some business give up on this for that reason. However, it can be made very easy with just a few automated steps. Kickstart your Business Google Reviews a “Google Review Management System”.

With a Google review management system you are in control of the data, with a click of a button you are able to trigger a Google Review request to a customer either through means of Text msg or Email. Your customer will easily receive a request to submit a Google review.  A positive responder will leave a review that is automatically linked to post to your Google business page. This saves times by eliminating the process of having to manually look your business up online and losing interest in doing so hence a lost review.

With an automatically generated Google Review system, your business is able to send out google review requests via:

  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Form on a Website  
  • QR code

On top of all of this, the Google review system allows to you stream your best reviews right on your website for more visibility.

Consumers are more than willingly to provide a Google review than you may think. Make it easy for them and provide them with a quick and easy solution and they will make it happen.

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