The Benefits Of Having A Blog For Your Business

As we all know by now, technology and marketing techniques are forever going to change. It becomes more and more important for small businesses to keep up with their engagement and online presence in order to compete with the bigger companies. Your website is crucial for your brand or business, it sets down the foundation of your brands story. Having a thorough and informational website will not only give out the answers to commonly asked questions but it will help your brand to grow and evolve. One of the most effective ways of providing factual and relevant information and increasing brand awareness is through blogs. This is a great way to establish a relationship with your clients or consumers, drive traffic to your site and enhance your marketing strategy

According to a recent marketing report, 82% of businesses that use blogging as a part of their marketing strategy reported that they received brand recognition and gained customers through their blogging efforts. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

Business Blog

Boosts your search engine optimization

Major search engines like Google and Bing love fresh, new and relevant content that is related to a certain industry. When a blog or an article is written by a professional with experience in the digital industry, it will be written to trigger certain key words on the net. In doing so, this will nudge search engines to index the page to higher rankings in search results. When a business consistently blogs, they are providing search engines with new content that can be promoted and displayed everywhere!

Maintains or develops relationships with new and old customers

Customer engagement is key, without having some sort of way to deliver informative content to your customers, you won’t be able to really foster strong relationships. Blogging gives you the opportunity to showcase your products and services and share your professional insight on your market. What’s so amazing about blogging is that you can converse with customers in a more conversational and personable way! The key tip here is to stay active in your comment section and have conversations with your readers, they will appreciate your response and this will lead to developing great relationships.

Online Blogs

Converts traffic into leads

Let’s say your blog is doing well and you are noticing more traffic coming onto your site, you have an opportunity to turn this traffic into leads. Add a call-to-action in every single post to get the ball rolling, visitors will see that CTA and click onto it. This is how you can turn that traffic into future leads!

Establishes your business as an authority figure in your industry

The best kinds of blogs answer peoples questions or help them with any sort of problem they may be having. If you are consistently, and the key word here is consistently, creating blog posts that will be helpful to your target audience, in their minds, they will consider you as an authority figure in your industry. If you have helped a customer in the past through your blog, they will visit you again or they may even boast about you to their friends and family, telling them about their positive experience. After all, people like to share their experiences and if they have found a great blog that has helped them in any way, they most likely will recommend that blog to others!

Creates an endless amount of shareable content for other platforms

Your audience on social media is constantly hungry for more content. They follow you for a reason and that’s because they like your brand and what it has to offer, so be consistent with your posts. Consistency is crucial when you are trying to boost your online presence. Blog posts are like golden eggs for your feeds because you can fill up your post schedule with fresh content that can just lead back to your blog. Not only can you link posts and drive your followers to your site, but you can use fun graphics, quotes, pictures, slideshows and video snippets from your blog to engage your audience and get them interested in the topic that is being discussed.

Online Blogging

Our marketing agency has plenty of ideas when it comes to blogging, optimizing websites and improving social media platforms. We can get on board to help you create a fantastic blog for your own business!

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