The Covid-19 Impact On E-commerce

How has Covid-19 effected consumers online behaviour? Is it to the better or worse? And lastly what can we learn from all this?

Online Shopping

The impact that Covid-19 has created will go on and linger for decades. The way a restaurant operated pre and post Covid will no longer be the same. The way a person used to do their groceries will never be the same again.

The way we shopped will change. Basically everything will or has changed and this impact will carry on for days, months and even years to come.

Ecommerce Online Store

Consumers are coming face to face with realities as they are forced into lockdown and ongoing restricted measures. Consumers behaviour has changed in so many ways, shifting to online purchases as an option they had never considered before. From online grocery to clothes to makeup to online ordering of food and to even the tiniest things.

How was this made possible? Who was ready for this? Is it to late to get a piece of the pie of online sales?

As Covid-19 continues to reside, many business are forced to shut their doors and lose what they spent their life trying to accomplish. The key is for each and every business to adapt and be flexible to meet these challenges. How? move your business to an online one - an E-commerce business model.

It is never to late. Covid-19 is not like anything we ever experienced before, meaning we don’t and will never know whats next, or what will happen or how long. So we need to adapt. Adapt to the general public’s purchasing behaviour. To stop the spread of Covid-19, consumers have begun to make more and more online purchases of items they would have otherwise purchased in person. Some business were able to keep up with continue to provide their products and services online while others were not prepped from before.

Online Store

The Solution?

Convert your presence to an online one in which you are able to operate as an online store, by attracting customers, promoting your existence and ability to adapt, being able to accept online payments and keeping your business going. Think of this change or evolution as a long term, this will not end anytime soon or is something to be looked at as short term. And even if everything does eventually go back to normal, you will always have 2 doors open, an in person store and an online one allowing your business to generate revenue from 2 different streams.

Accept Online Payments

Many consumers who have shifted and made their first time online purchases have reported having a great experience and were able to sample the convenience of online shopping. The transition will eventually happen and many small business will see the opportunities of this shift as more and more consumers are demanding it. Not trying to shift in response of an economic transition will only have a business swept underneath Amazon and and several other online retailers who have been working hard to dominate and be ready for this transition.  

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