The Different Types Of Consumer Behaviours To Look Out For This Year

Emerging trends continue to be utilized in both big and small marketing campaigns. If your business doesn’t stay on top of up-and-coming trends or consumer behaviours, you won’t get much luck with your marketing campaign. However, if you stay ahead of the game and focus on analyzing consumers needs, you can be the business that provides the community with their desired products/services.

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In order to achieve this superior role, you must look into the current behaviours of consumers. What do they need? What are they looking for? What problems are they facing? What’s a solution you can offer to them? Microswift marketing specialists have compiled a list of a couple different consumer behaviours that are actively present during this time and are expected to gain even more traction within the next year.

1. Brands That Care

The average consumer tends to be attracted to brands who care about other factors rather than just increasing revenue. For example, brands that have a mission to protect wildlife or use sustainable materials do very well within their particular market because they show that they care about what’s going on in the world. Generally, businesses should help the planet in a sustainable way as consumers will appreciate that and will voluntarily stand behind the brand.

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2. Convenience

Consumers have always wanted to have an easy and seamless shopping experience, especially during the Covid era where shopping has been done all online. Because of this factor, businesses need to make sure that their e-commerce store or website is top-notch and convenient to use. Websites and online stores NEED to be mobile friendly, it’s imperative to keep that in mind when designing a website for your business. In the end, you want your customers to have positive experiences shopping at your business, right? Right! Therefore, make sure that you can offer them a smooth-sailing shopping experience across all platforms.

3. Flexibility

Retailers and business owners had to immediately change their business operations amidst the pandemic. Looking back at it now, this was not such a bad thing, if anything, this made businesses become more flexible with their marketing tactics and shopping options. For example, almost every business now offers either take-out, curb side pick up and delivery options. These were the best decisions to make at the time and still continue to be used even now as we phase out of lockdown. Customers appreciate the changes businesses have made for them in order to keep the community safe; measures had to be taken but in return, this has led small and large businesses to become more flexible with their operations!

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4. Open Concept

With the entire world being told for a year and a half to stay indoors and limit social interactions, we are now finally seeing this come to an end. Take to the outdoors! Consumers desires to be outside and find spaces to work are heightened now more than ever. According to a recent annual trend report made by Euromonitor, it stated “Businesses need an outdoor oasis…open air structures and heating and illumination systems will pay off due to heightened demand for safe venues and the aesthetic that could continue attracting consumers.” (Euromonitor International, 2021)

These are just 4 common behaviours we have seen amongst consumers, keep in mind that there plenty of others to be on the look out for. These shifts in behaviour will continue post-pandemic which means brands must keep a close eye on these changes in the future.

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