The Do’s And Dont’s Of Medical Spa & Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

What exactly is your medical practice doing right now to promote your services? If you have an informational website, great! If you have social media pages, great! If you have a brand logo, great! However, are you fully taking advantage of these platforms? If the answer is no, then you need to start doing so. There are cosmetic practices that are successful and generate lots of traffic thanks to their website because it is informative, friendly and appealing. Others however, do have a website but a very weak one that can negatively impact their SEO ranking and digital brand reputation.

Potential clients and patients like to see appealing graphics, fonts and photos when they click onto a website, especially in the cosmetic industry where looks are at the centre of everything. Consumers expect to see a beautiful site that provides all the information that they need. When a patient visits a cosmetic surgery or medical spa website, and it’s only one page with barely any info, no pictures, no branding or any visual details, chances are they will click out of that site and not visit again. You want to create trust between your practice and your clients, and that starts with your website.


1. Treat your website like it’s a very special client:

Give out updated information, provide aesthetically pleasing photos, show off your brand colours and logo, introduce the team, and provide practical content that will create trust and credibility for your practice. Look over your site and see what can be fixed or what has been working out for you, then plan out your approach into how you can drive in the most traffic..

2. Content is king:

You need to do your research, plan and craft out content that’ll drive people to your practice. Use your creativity to form great content like videos, photo galleries, patient testimonials, and before and after pics. NOTE: Be sure to follow the HIPAA rules and regulations surrounding patient posts. You need to be given written consent and get signed releases. If all of that has been taken care of then you can go through with it. The main point here is to provide the public with credible and engaging content while also telling your brand’s story.

Plastic Surgery Advertising

3. Build healthy and strong relationships:

Like with any business, you have to foster good relationships with the surrounding community and even with businesses that are in the same industry as you. Don’t always expect people or patients to just automatically come to you, make yourself known and gain exposure in the community. You can host zoom calls where you can chat wth other industry professionals, create a video of your team explaining what their roles are and about the practices overall story.

4. Brand your practice:

Your plastic surgery clinic can become more profitable while standing out at the same time when you have a brand. Microswift offers a branding service that has helped plastic surgery and cosmetic practices to become unique, increase more patients leads and grow as a business altogether. Our experts understand plastic surgery marketing tactics that can produce results and progress in the industry. We know that you are trying to drive revenue so you need to be engaging with your patients as a credible brand. You can do this by highlighting your key features, showing clinic images and other detailed information that’ll prove you are a practice that can be trusted.

Plastic Surgery Branding


1. Use a templated website:

Remember, you want to stand out and if you are using a template that other people may have access to and that has been used over and over again, it just won’t be beneficial for your business. Without standing out, you will have a hard time ranking high in any search result category. Do you want some good news? You can work with website designers that know what to do specifically for your business. It’s worth it to invest in a good website, after all, you are a medical cosmetic practice, the public trusts you to take care of them with their cosmetic needs and they will judge your practices character based off of your website.

Medical Spa Website

2. Constantly using medical lingo:

It's okay to add in medical terms into your website and social media posts every once and awhile, but try to stay away from using big medical terms when sharing information about your practice. When new patients, or even old patients for that matter, come to your site or social pages, they want to see what you offer but they don’t want to feel like they are stuck inside a medical encyclopedia. Use terms that people will understand and don’t forget to be friendly and personable.

3. Only marketing in one direction:

You have to market your practice as an overall brand. your practice is a packaged deal. You have to focus on the strength of your practice as a whole, so build your reputation by branding and advertising your entire practice! This will help you become more recognizable and optimize your digital profile. You can accelerate your practice by using a customized branding plan. Again, our branding service can help you if you aren’t sure where to start. We have steps that we follow in order to generate a compelling and successful brand.

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