The Fundamental Web Design Principles You Need To Keep In Mind

Website design— why is it so important for your business?

It’s so you can cultivate something unforgettable that’ll fully grasp the attention of consumers.

This is 100% possible if you put the work in and create an eye-catching and informative website. Your own website should be designed with both your customers and your business in mind. As a business that is running in the digital era, you absolutely need to have not only a good website but a great one, because that is what will make all the difference in the end.

Website Design

By having a great website design, you can attract more consumers, gain recognition, improve credibility, optimize SEO and increase online presence. At Microswift, our web design solutions range from content management systems, e-commerce, automation to online bookings and responsive website development. We are proud to say that our websites rank high in search and have improved conversion for our clients by 200%!

An effective and successful website will deliver information in an engaging and professional way while also including snippets of personalized content throughout. Think about it, when you go on a website and see no pictures, no colours or just long paragraphs of text with no desirable features, chances are you will get bored after the first skim of the site and click out of it. That’s not good for business because you want to increase those clicks and website visits so that you can get higher up in the search rankings.

When designing a website, there are key principles that need to be included in your plan. By using them properly, you will build trust with your customers and guide your site visitors to take action with your business.


First of all, really dig deep into what your purpose is. Behind every business or brand, there is a deeper story or meaning, you built this business for a reason so what is that reason? What is your passion? What is your end goal? Use these questions to help you better understand your businesses story. By doing this, you can ensure that your website pages will have clear intentions and help the user better understand what you offer.


If you have a website that is chaotic where information is displayed all over the place and there’s not really a theme to it, well, guess what’s going to happen? Consumers who click onto your site will skim through for about 10 seconds, be put off by the confusing design and then most likely click out. You do not want that. Remember: your site should be easy to navigate. Of course, you should add in certain aspects such as graphics, logos, colours and pictures but you also don’t want to bombard your pages with irrelevant displays. Make sure you have a proper balance between information and visual content.


Believe it or not, colours have the power to arouse emotions and communicate messages visually. Having certain branded colours will help your business get recognized by consumers online and in-person. Usually it’s best to keep the colour palette less than 5 colours; aesthetically pleasing colour combinations always do well and capture users attention.


Imagery can be very effective. When used correctly, it can bring up past memories , evoke emotions and stimulate the senses. This is a visual way to communicate with consumers. Some examples of imagery that have been successfully used throughout the years are photography, videographics, video content, illustrations, and branded logos. Your visual designs need to incorporate your brands message and personality and also should be high quality. Engaging visuals on your site can be the determining factor when building up your credibility and online presence.


As far as content goes, it’s really up to you and what you feel most comfortable delivering online. However, you do need to keep in mind that content is king and is what will bring in customers. This means you need to stay consistent with posting new content and use effective language that will attract consumers. The goal is to convert consumers into loyal customers and you certainly can do this by creating stellar content!

What kind of content should you put on your website? Consider including a page solely based on your brands story and purpose, photos of your team, products or services, customer testimonials or quotes, graphics, opt-in offer, and a strong call to action. Your content needs to be both consistent and informative while also being entertaining and eye-catching!


The last thing you want is for users to click onto your website and be confused with your design. The structure of your site truly matters, you should take the time to figure out how you want it to look and arrange your content in a way that looks clean and easy to consume.

You can create columns, rows and sections that line up which will result in an aesthetically pleasing website design. If you can incorporate something unique to the layout, that’ll get you some extra brownie points and get customers interested!



It’s 2021, everyone has a mobile device on them, and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, well, that needs to change. When building your website, consider using a layout that is responsive on mobile devices where your site can adjust to different screens. If done correctly by professionals, no matter if your site is displayed on a desktop, phone, laptop or tablet, your website will remain its beautiful aesthetic and elements!

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