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Ecommerce is a web world of it’s own. Not many people understand exactly how it works or may think they know, well that it’s “just” an online shop. Let’s stop right there, Ecommerce involves product sourcing, inventory management, marketing automation, order management, ads and customer service optimization. Thats in a nutshell, but let’s dig deeper into this topic and shed some light on a more diverse, advanced level.

Ecommerce allows you to design your store visually. Starting an Ecommerce website requires a lot of thought and dedication. Dumping everything into the online store isn’t the right thing to do, goes back to what we referenced earlier “product sourcing”. You will need to start off by strategizing and choosing what are the best products to sell online. And then design an online store that fits within the theme and brand of your products.

One Platform to run your online business - grow 2x faster

“Some experts predict that Ecommerce will surpass $2 trillion in sales in the next few years - it’s the fastest growing and one of the most valuable industries”.

Online Shop Development

With an Ecommerce website your business automatically reaches more customers, with no time restrictions. For a beginner you are probably wondering how does this work? An Ecommerce platform is a very comprehensive way to sell on multiple channels but manage from one integrated dashboard.

Steps to Building an Ecommerce Website Design

Building an Ecommerce platform is a very detailed and an artistically crafted process. Building and launching an Ecommerce platform that will perform as intended in a professional manner requires working with a well advanced developer who knows and has worked with Ecommerce website designs on many levels before with extensive experience.

To save time, the marketing agency developing the Ecommerce website for your business will help you find a theme that matches your Ecommerce vision and one that is aligned with your passion. Offering various crafted layouts, keeping up with current trends to establish a look and feeling that your business desires. Establishing a layout design, categorization and organization of your products, telling your story and creating an online presence to get your products found in search.

Product Setup, Management, Payments, Order Fulfillment/Processing and Abandoned Carts

Product Setup and Management

Now that your Ecommerce website is branded, and set up with all your products added and uploaded with images, prices, descriptions, innovatory status and any other product details, it’s time to launch online and start selling!

Let’s not forget that it’s crucial to optimize your inventory and keep stock in Line in order to fulfill orders. Having an inventory management tool gives you full visibility of product stock levels at all times, allowing you to plan for appropriate replenishment levels and know what levels of stock to carry at all times.

Ecommerce Payment Solutions

Online Payment System

Now that your business has a strong Ecommerce online presence, and your accepting orders, managing your order fulfilment and replenishing stock, you’ll need to start accepting online payments and maximizing revenue in a very simplified way. Working with the right developer will be able to integrate an online payment solution plan that allows your business to start selling online and accept payments via multiple payment methods.  

Order Fulfillment/Processing

Processing an order requires several well planed out steps to keep costs and waiting times low. It’s all internally tracked through your Ecommerce  website, from the time you receive data on an incoming order to the time the order ships out and delivers. Once a customer has placed in order and it has been cross referenced with inventory levels, approved and online payment has been accepted, it’s time to start customer-business communication integration.

The first form of communication is established once the order is accepted to alert the customer of receiving and acknowledging the order receipt. The second form of communication is to alter the customer of the time the order is being picked, followed by the time the order is shipped with tracking information provided and lastly once the order is delivered and completed. This process is fully automated through an order fulfilment process management system.

Online Order Fulfillment System

Abandoned Carts

Let’s not leave any money on the table here. Many times customers enter an Ecommerce website, add items to cart and leave for many reasons. There are many ways to avoid this. Just a few and simple ways may include; automatically applying promo codes to intrigue them to complete the order. Or to make checkout ridiculously simple by offering guest check-outs rather than creating an account which tends to take up more of their shopping experience time.  And most importantly if all else fails is to follow up on abandoned carts. A nudge or a friendly reminder can help complete the abandoned order. This can be done through retargeting and follow-up emails.

Retargeted Online Marketing

Built-In Marketing and Growth Tools

Now that we have discussed the process flow of an Ecommerce website, let’s talk some more serious growth and marketing options.

Instagram Marketing for Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce Integrated Product Catalogue

Instagram has over 1 Billion active users and is one of the biggest digital homes for many brands. Integrating Instagram with you Ecommerce store is a bonus, home run plan that will connect your Ecommerce catalogue to your Instagram business account and allow any customer anywhere to browse and shop through instagram channel.

Facebook Marketing for Ecommerce Platforms

Dynamic Facebook AD Campaign

One last topic to discuss before you have become a pro at Ecommerce website design knowledge. How can an Ecommerce website and Facebook work hand in hand to help your business blossom, is it even possible? YES, absolutely it is through Dynamic Ad Campaigns, tracking Pixels, and Catalogue integration. All these would be integrated through your Agency between your Ecommerce website and Facebook.

You have the Ecommerce solution. If you can imagine it we can create it. Design and scale your online business with our Ecommerce online store

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