The Most Popular Types Of Interactive Marketing And How To Use Them

As a business owner, you want to drive engagement to your social media sites and to your website. In a time like this, having a strong digital presence can go a long way and there are certainly options out there that you should not ignore. Let’s look into 6 types of interactive content that can increase brand awareness and grab the attention of your target audience.

1) Infographics

By creating interactive infographics, you can make compelling content that will attract more attention from your audience and get you more shares.

How to use: you can play around with different elements to make your infographics entertaining and fit your niche. Use your brand colours, informative statistics about your business, customer reviews, charts of your success rates throughout the years and pictures of your products.

Interactive Social Media Content

2) Video Content

Videos are an immersive and entertaining experience. You can be creative with this type of content and really show off your skills and your businesses services. This can help you gain brand awareness and engage consumers in a way that text can’t achieve.

How to use: figure out if you want to have a face for your brand in all of your videos or if you just want to show your products/services. Usually, people like to see a familiar face when watching a brand’s video because they feel like they can engage more with the brand. Having a face for your brand can also give off more of a personable and friendly appeal. However, it’s important to showcase featured products or services that you offer and inform the public about the details. Determine what your message will be and what kind of video pieces you want to create and then start shooting!

3) Polls & Quizzes

These actively involve the audience and provide immediate results. By creating this type of interactive content, you can get to know your target audience better and produce content based on their answers/results. You can tap into their needs, wants and desires.

How to use: you can create these fun content pieces on your very own website either to help people find what they are looking for, or to develop a deeper understanding of what they need from you. You also have the option to post these on social media stories such as Instagram and Facebook. Making it look appealing to the eye and using unique branded designs will certainly make the poll or quiz stand out.

Social Media Marketing

4) Product Recommendations

This is most commonly used for online shopping. Your customers will appreciate your help when deciding what product or service of yours will best benefit them. Customers will want your honest opinion, especially if they are new to your business, they will need help to be steered in the right direction.

How to use: on your site, you can ask consumers about their preferences and needs. Based on their replies, you can recommend certain products/services that will help them in that certain area. This can help increase your sales and engagement with customers.

Digital Marketing

5) Games

Who doesn’t love a good game? The answer is nobody! This is a great way to generate engagement, create a buzz on social media and obtain relevant user data. This can set you apart from everyone else that is in your same market.

How to use: you will have to invest in this type of interactive content BUT this can help you on your way to success. Once you have a great idea that is relevant to you market and your brand, then get to it and start your research on how to format it! Some examples of marketing games are puzzles, card games, memory games, spin the wheel or fun surveys.

6) Contests

Promoting opportunities or prizes that your consumers will want will encourage them to sign up for your contests. A contest can be one of the best ways to grow brand awareness and acquire new email subscribers and new customers.

How to use: introduce this contest on all of your socials and on your website. You have to promote it ahead of time so that people can start entering. An idea of what you could do is ask for their email and for them to share, repost or comment on a post in order to enter the contest. Then you could do a big reveal on your social media stories and website!

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