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How You Can Use Microswift Services To Promote Your Dental Clinic

At Microswift, we have helped 2000+ dental clinics in creating effective marketing strategy plans. The three main avenues that we offer to our dental clients are website design, social media marketing and clinic paperless solutions. In this article, we will break down each of these three avenues and how exactly they can help you promote your dental clinic to the surrounding community.


With this particular service, Microswift is driven to cultivate engaging website designs for dental clinics. As mentioned in previous articles, we use this service for a vast amount of businesses. The websites are designed with both the businesses and customers in mind. The Microswift web team works hand-in-hand with the business owner in creating a custom made website design.

Dental Website Designs

Our website design solutions range from automation to online booking and responsive website development. It’s important for any clinical practice to have a website in order to build trust within the dental industry. Microswift’s dental website designs are visually appealing, secure, and designed for higher conversion rates. You can make your dental clinic more profitable and grow quickly as a business with our designs, SEO services and higher ranking with google search engines. All the while, the web team ensures that your brand goals and vision are the key focus in your website.


With technology being so predominant in our lives, there will always be a growing amount of social media applications. It can be overwhelming and quite frankly a full time job when it comes to managing all of the social media accounts for your business. That is why Microswift offers this service for your clinic because our goal is to help you manage your social accounts so that you can focus on your business. The social media marketing team incorporates branded post designs, customized posts, social media campaigns, website integration, target audiences and modern content to ensure that your social media presence stands out to the community.

The main goal is to help you maximize your reach. Social media channels are one of the best ways to build relationships and trust wth your patients. For dentists, that can mean delivering content that assures patients about having a pain-free and affordable experience at your clinic. The social media marketing team at Microswift knows when, how, where and what you should post, that is their specialty!

The team’s intention is to improve your dental clinic flow and connect you with patients across social media platforms.

Dental Social Media Marketing


With this service that we offer, your clinic can convert patient's paper forms into interactive digital forms. We can create mobile friendly online forms so that your patients can sign them easily and quickly from their handheld device. All records are encrypted and password protected to ensure patients records are stored securely. You can even discover how patients found about about you by tracking data analytics.

Technology will continue to be a part of the future and it will grow, so use this time to get familiar with it and incorporate it into your clinic. Paperless solutions can increase patient privacy and improve communication so that your office can get more work done. Another reason why this solution is efficient is that once your patient fills out their form online, it automatically gets sent to your front desk where it then is securely stored into the patient’s chart on your management system. So, why not get started in speeding up your business process with our paperless solutions? You can head on over to our dental office intake form page and request a free demo!

Dental Paperless Forms

Microswift is passionate about helping businesses with smart marketing tactics.

If you would like to start promoting your dental clinic online and get help in doing so, you can contact us so that we can make progress together!

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