The Power Of Click-To-Call ADS For Any Dental Practice

When it comes to a Dental Practice, the main goal to market it to get a potential patient to pickup the phone and call. Wether it’s to just inquire or to book an appointment. As simple as it sounds as hard as it really is in reality. There are so many dental practices, in fact way to many that the patients to dentist ratio is just not in proportion. How can your dental clinic get around this and be the one to get the call.

Dental Marketing

Click-To-Call ADS

This isn’t a term that is used vastly. We usually toss the term, Google ADs or Facebook Campaigns around. But Click-To-Call ADS? what is this and what does it mean?

The purpose of running an AD or engaging in Online Marketing is to attain new dental patients. Many times you create a beautiful Ad, post it and wait for something magical to happen. But half the time you may get a like or a comment or maybe, just maybe a call from that AD. Well that is because your Ad isn’t running as a Click-To-Call AD. These types of Ads are a very effective way of marketing to get people to call your dental clinic directly.

When set-up properly, Click-To-Call ads create simplicity for the patient to navigate and contact you in short time. As a consumer on the net searching, for instance for a dental clinic, these types of Ads will appear, saving the consumer that extra time to click on your website, navigate for a phone number and try to dial it.

Click-To-Call Ads

The vast majority of people now a-days rely on mobile devices, these types of Ads create connivence for a patient while converting traffic to your dental practice. And it doesn’t end there, your dental practice can attain detailed analytics from web traffic that will help your dental practice increase in revenue. Track the region the phones are coming in from and in turn help you target your marketing practices precisely.

How is this different than PPC ADS?

This is different in the sense that, you are marketing with a specific target in mind - that is to attain a phone call to in turn book an appointment. Where as a PPC model, you may end up paying for each user click resulting in a call or maybe just a web navigation. A PPC approach has value, absolutely but with a different marketing purpose. In a case where a dental clinic is running a Ad with specifically an intention to attract calls, a PPC approach will not guarantee that result.

Dental Advertising

A major benefit to Call-To-Click Ads is that your main button is directing the patient to call you directly, so this allows you to be as creative as you want on the rest of the Ad portion to present an offer promoting the call or advertise a service to attract the call. Your Ad will no longer need to be designed to mainly advertise the consumer to call you. You have that free space to be creative.

Think smart and advertise using the right tools for the right Ad purpose.  

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