The WordPress vs. UX Customized Websites Dilemma

From WordPress to An UX Customized Website Design …. Why Make The Change?

Many people use WordPress to create a website for your business as that is the only platform they are aware of. This article is set-out to explain the various disadvantages WordPress has and the several opportunities other UX Customized websites available can offer and why anyone using WordPress should consider making the switch over. We are sold on the idea that WordPress is an easy use tool with various templates and functions. But what most don’t know is that WordPress has no uniqueness in the sense that most WordPress built websites look identical from the Front and Back end.  

A website is the extension to any business and having a website that is flawed will put your business growth at risk. Let us examine this point in more detail.

Top 4 Reasons Why WordPress Will Hinder Your Online Growth

1. The Cost of Additional Plugins Will Be Draining

A WordPress website is essentially built using a pre-designed template. Which may be appealing at first to some. However, at any given time you decided to add a features to your website you are then required to search for plugins and which most of the time will cost money or be outdated and this can be draining to your time, money and business operations. Just a small example but to give a realistic perspective, if you needed to add an Instagram feed to your website which is a must now a-days, then you would need to download an Instagram widget. With time this will be impossible to manage and will just start to outdate your WordPress website.

WordPress Plugins

2. WordPress Websites Require Frequent Updates

All websites regardless of the platform built on require updates from time to time to enhance the users experience. However, with WordPress, the updates are required on a much more frequent basis. All additional plugins added to the template used need to monitored frequently for updates. With this being said, your website can start to experience glitches, errors and broken links and may lead to your WordPress website to crash at any point in time.

3. Slow Loading Speed & Poor SEO Ranks

This point adds onto the top 2 points in regards to plugins. These plugins, which a WordPress template can not avoid using, slow down the page processing speed tremendously. This will in turn create a not so friendly user experience. How about SEO? let’s move into talking about SEO, the most crucial aspect of a website online. WordPress is known to have very limited SEO features which will affect your website ranking on Google pages.

Website SEO

4. Website Risks, Vulnerability & Crashes

This is the most important point in this article. Anything on the net is sustainability to being hacked, we all know that. However, Wordpress is at a higher risk of online spams and hacking even with the security plugin added. In addition to this, WordPress websites are prone to crash or go down at anytime for no obvious reason.

WordPress Website Crash

With that being said, this is the time to make the change to a UX Customized Website Design. Save time, efforts and money and explore other platforms with high efficiency and update data.

UX Customized Website Designs offer:

1. Advanced Site Security

2. 99% Guaranteed Uptime

3. Bye-bye Plugins

4. Responsive Interactions

5. Great Levels Of Design Customization

6. Design Freedom

7. Customizable SEO setting

With all these advantages what does that mean for your business?

UX Customized Website Designs

“More money and more options - in basic terms, your business saves time in design, development and ongoing updates therefore your business has more financial resources now to invest back into the business.”

It is time to make the change and grow your business with innovation. It’s time for your business to have a powerful visual website design with no downtime. You have an alternative to make the change become reality.

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