Top 5 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Dental Practice

Do you struggle with online growth, finding new patients and increasing revenue for your dental practice? If you have an effective marketing plan, you will be able to achieve those goals. You can dominate in the industry with an effective and transparent marketing strategy and we have the tools that’ll help you with just that!

At Microswift, we have helped 2000+ dental clinics in creating effective marketing strategy plans. Let’s talk about our agencies top 5 tips in helping you to get to where you want to be with your clinic

Dominate the internet with your digital presence

A dental clinic’s online presence should reflect the image of the actual dental clinic itself and its services presented by well branded content all across online channels. If you are wanting to build trust within your community, this is where you need to start: creating a thorough dental website.

Dental website designs not only need to look professional but also well designed, responsive for higher conversion rates, secure, and customized towards your brand. You’ll be able to improve your maintenance, SEO, and search rankings on Google. You want to grow and evolve as a business in 2021, right? Right! So don’t pass up on professional help with this, it’s better to seek out proper resources and expertise when it comes to building an amazing branded website, you don’t want to be guessing everything as you go along!

Scale your dental practice through video marketing

This is the fun stuff! You are able to tell your brand story to help build relationships with patients so that your dental practice and the service provider are no longer strangers to the community. The fact of the matter is, the healthcare and cosmetic industry actively use video advertising these days. If your business isn’t, then you are missing out!

Digital advertising and video marketing are strategies that can make your business look more credible and get your brand out into the open for potential new patients to find you! Videos are such an engaging form of content that people respond to and are more likely to share with their family and friends. The more friendly your clinics’ image is, the more successful you will be in converting leads into new patients.

Dental Marketing

Build an online reputation & get 5x the patients with convenient tools

These tools range from online paperless forms to online bookings to automated Google reviews. The paperless dental office has truly reached a tipping point, more than 80% of patients look for new dentists online which is why you need to use these digital tools to your advantage. Take this in: you are able to convert new patients’ paper forms into interactive online digital forms….how cool is that! You won’t have to be dealing with any more loose pens or paper, just smooth sailing tablet and mobile friendly forms from here on out! Microswift’s paperless form gives you the option of activating the fully branded referral program to get your patients to refer their friends and family to your clinic!

Focus on your patients and automate the rest. The best way to automate your Google reviews is to create a direct link and send it to to your patients (this is where email marketing will become your best friend). By automating your patients’ communication, you are able to share important links, offers and events with them that pertain to your clinic. For example, send that direct Google review link or an email reminder for them to book their next appointment (this is where you can include a link that leads to your online booking page). It’s fast, easy and efficient!

Continue to attract & retain patients with social media marketing

What you can do here is utilize interviews, industry tips, stories, video or photo content of the dentists at the clinic and other service providers at the practice. Dental social media marketing is huge and something you need to be doing ASAP! Your patients are what makes your clinic prosper in the end so develop a strong relationship with them over socials! This will also help you reach even more people in the area where they then can become leads and eventually new patients!

You will not grow online by posting once a week, that certainly won’t do the trick. As a dentist, your role is to consistently convince your patients that you can deliver pain-free, affordable, and positive experiences at your clinic. You can do this by posting engaging and high quality content on all of your socials. Knowing where and what to post plays a huge part in this, but that is also our speciality. Microswift can get you to connect with patients across all social media platforms.

Dental blogs are definitely something to look into as well. Having a direct link to a blog page on your website will immediately capture the attention of anyone visiting your site. This is where you can share pictures of your clinic, go into detail about the products or services that you offer, share the deeper meaning behind your brand, highlight your staff and just talk about industry related topics.

Dental Website Design

Utilizing Google business pages

This is the perfect way to manage your online presence. Google business pages allows you to create a business listing which allows your patients to access the most important up-to-date information about your clinic. Both new and old patients will be able to get into contact with you more efficiently, find out about what you offer, your times of operation, etc.

Why is it so important to have a Google business page in the first place? Well, your clinic details will be automatically displayed, you will be able to manage and respond to reviews, make it known that you are a credible business, and help your website rank higher in the search engine. Now, here is the key tip: if you are not taking the time to update or manage your Google business page, work with people who can do that for you. If you have a Google business page that’s been sitting around for years untouched and unedited, that will get you diddly squat! Remain current and keep both your Google business page and website up to date.

You will see the benefits when you take the time to fully optimize your digital presence.

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