Video Content Has An Unfair Advantage When It Comes To SEO And Reach

Why do you need videos and what can they do for your business? Firstly, you need to acknowledge that video content can help impact your businesses SEO in a positive way. SEO is a fundamental part of your digital marketing plan because it not only will help you increase your presence online but also your engagement, conversions and reach.


The fact of the matter is, Google likes video content which means you should too! Google’s algorithm values the quality of content and its relevance to someones original search inquiry. Google scans a page for different kinds of media or content that can be pushed out to better help the person who is searching. So, if your website includes a variety of different content such as text, photos, and videos, your site will come across as informative which will help boost your SEO.

Video can generate a whole lot of traffic to your business. By incorporating high quality videos into your content strategy and posting on a consistent basis, the outcome can be astonishing! Consumers are more likely to visit your website when they watch a video on YouTube or on other social media platforms because videos are extremely engaging and thought provoking. This usually leads them to either click onto the link that goes along with the video or visit your site. This is why a lot of business and brands are investing in media production and video strategies nowadays. The more quality content you create, the more traffic you can drive to your site which means a boost in SEO!

Another benefit from regularly posting video content is that people are more likely to link your videos. Backlinks are one of the main factors that Google uses to determine search rankings.

If a lot of people are linking your video and your domain name, you come across as an authority in your specific industry which will help to push up your site on search rankings. So, posting content on Tiktok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and/or YouTube is a perfect place to start.

Video Marketing

Backlinks will even help you with your reach and engagement on social platforms as well, it’s a win win!

You want to make sure your videos have some sort of context that pertains to your industry and brand message. What you can do is embed videos where it makes sense and include other relevant texts and photos along with it. The more that Google can understand the benefits of your video and the information that you provide, the better your search ranking result will be.

Consistency is key. You can’t post a video one time and expect that it’ll go viral right away, like with anything, this will take time. Video marketing is an extensive process, you will need to stay committed, dedicated and use unique approaches to get to your end goal. Luckily, there are resources and professionals that can be of help if you struggle to come up with a strategy.

Business Video

Staying consistent with your content will provide value to the public, help you rank higher in search results, gain credibility, attract more attention to your business and build strong industry/customer relationships.

Now is a great time to get started, convert those leads into paying customers and gain recognition not just in your community, but also around the world. The future of marketing is here, share your story with the masses and increase your SEO and online reach with video content.

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