Video Marketing: How To Get Started And The Benefits using It For Your Business

Video marketing refers to the use of video to help promote a brand on digital platforms. This is such a versatile and engaging type of content that can be shared to a wide range of audiences.

There are a different kinds of videos that you can produce. Now, it depends on what you want to do and how exactly you want to get your message out there. Keep in mind that the videos you make should go along with your brand’s niche.

Examples for restaurants:

  • Recipe videos
  • Cook with me videos
  • And an owner introductory video

Examples for medical offices:

  • Commercial ads
  • Videos introducing the team
  • And a tour of the office

Examples for spa & beauty boutiques:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Tutorials
  • And short interview clips of clients sharing their experiences

Other general video examples include explanations, interviews, product reviews/demos, or live videos. What is so great about video marketing is that you can really play with the creativity aspect of it and use your imagination to come up with intriguing ideas! Set yourself apart from the rest and provide something to the public that is fresh and exciting.

Business Videography

What are some of the benefits of this type of marketing? Videos can help you connect with your audience, increase search engine optimization, get your information out into the eyes of the public, grow revenue, bump up conversions and build credibility. According to Wyzowl’s video marketing survey, their findings showed that 91% of marketers feel the pandemic has made video more important for brands. Thanks to technology, brands can still engage with its customers in an engaging way, even during this pandemic. Youtube and Facebook are the most popular platforms when it comes to sharing video ads and video marketing.

Microswift has a media production department where we create personalized visual and verbal content for brands to promote their sales and increase brand awareness. We do this by offering videography, photography, and commercial ads. This can include corporate and retail, storytelling, interviews, documentary, brand promotion, product launches, social media ads and website content. Our team follows three main steps in order to produce high quality videos: preparation, production and editing.

In the end, the goal is to share a brand’s story online. You can share a boatload of information and statistics pertaining to your brand in an engaging and entertaining way! With the amount of people being confined in their homes, video content is something to look forward to and to get people’s minds off of the current stressful situation.

Use this time now to create a strong digital presence with video marketing because you can achieve a lot of your long term and short terms goals.

Check out our media production page to learn more about what we do, our past projects and meet the team!

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