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Going into 2020, you may have been thinking about starting a new business. Maybe you have already started a new business but you don’t have a website yet. Or, you have a website but you feel like it doesn’t match the standard of your competition. Going into 2020, the expectations of a company’s website are high. With ever-transforming technological advancements, the expectation of modern, and interactive websites follow closely behind. With innovative websites like Nike, Apple, and Samsung, clients have a high expectation set for the quality of websites that they view. There is no longer an audience appreciation for outdated, unresponsive, and dull websites in this world of rapid change.

In today’s society, with the increasing amount of visual stimulation flowing around us online, it has been said that the average individual has an attention span of eight seconds. Only eight seconds. This means, if you are trying to get potential clients to explore your website, you need to create something that is eye-catching, head-turning, and attention-grabbing. Your website tells a story about your business and represents your online identity as well as your reputation, therefore, it is crucial to have a well designed website as this might be the first impression for potential clients. If your online presence is outdated, unappealing to the eye, and difficult to navigate, this may leave a negative impression on the viewer. You, as a business owner, have the responsibility of capturing the interest of your client and keeping it. In order to do this, you must firstly understand:

  1. What the client is looking for
  2. What will interest the client
  3. How you will maintain their interest

Creating a modern, interactive, and creative website for your business can be a difficult task. Especially, if you are not well versed in the intricate world of website design. Maybe you want to focus on building your business brand, client-relations, or networking instead of creating a website from scratch. Building your business can be an overwhelming task so let Microswift take one more thing off your plate. Our creative team is trained to help turn all of your business-related goals into a reality!

First Impressions

It is essential for businesses nowadays to have an online presence. With the world becoming ever so technologically advanced, people are now turning to the internet for a variety of their needs. The first thing that people do when discovering a new company is they check out their website. With the standard of website efficiency and functionality being so high, it is expected by clients that all reputable websites follow this flow of creativity. When a client visits your website, what they see on the home page is their very first impression of your business. If your website is innovative, interactive, and modern, this will leave a very good impression on the client and they will be more inclined to explore more of your website, as well as recommend it to friends. If they find your website to be outdated and not fully functional, their attention span will be limited and the client will be left with a negative impression of your business. They might question why your business is so far behind in terms of technological advancements with the website vs. your competitors. A negative user experience on your website can also lead to a bad reputation for your business. It is very important for you to keep up with the times and create an excellent first impression on your clients by investing in a visually stunning website!

Trust and Reliability

In today’s society, excellent website design and functionality is strongly correlated with client satisfaction and trust. You are probably aiming for ultimate trust and good client relations which ultimately leads to more success for you. If your website looks outdated or suspiciously shady, this may leave potential clients with a negative outlook on your business. They may not feel fully confident in trusting you as a company and therefore, may opt to take their business elsewhere (to your competitor). The overall aesthetic of a website will directly impact the way a client views your business and it is important to build a website that is worth visiting and coming back to. This leads to further client trust, which means more success for you! It is always important to have good client relations that are built on trust.

Consistent Brand Identity

Excellent website design correlates with your brand identity for your business. It is important to have a modernistic and stylish website as that will reflect on your brand identity. It doesn’t matter how hard you have worked on developing a solid brand identity for your business, if your website is not consistent with the same colour scheme, typography, logos, and slogans… it will throw off your client base when they are associating your online presence with your business. Clients want to see that your entire presence, (branding and website) are consistent in quality, style, and aesthetic. It is important to always keep consistency in mind when developing your brand identity as it needs to be equally translated to your website for maximum client satisfaction.

“Our websites are designed with both customers and businesses in mind. From idea to actualization, our proven process offers tailor-made solutions that enable brands to grow and evolve.” — Microswift
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