We’re In This Together: Profitable Advice To Businesses Who May Be Struggling During The Pandemic

Small businesses and brands are anxiously awaiting to open back up to the public as COVID-19 cases drop. Both small and large businesses have taken a substantial blow since the beginning of the pandemic. As the latest news about the vaccine travels around the globe, businesses are starting to prepare for their re-opening.

So, the question is how can these smaller businesses and brands stay afloat and survive the remainder of this pandemic?

Marketing specialists are pleased to share some helpful tips and tricks that business owners could benefit from during this trying time.

Creative Marketing

1.      Promote your business on social media

Take to Social Media Marketing (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter) and to your own website to keep customers in the loop and share new products or services that you are offering.

2.      Get a custom made website design

Every business and brand needs a website, that goes without saying. However, successful brands have a certain niche to their website that catches the eyes of consumers. Developing a creative and bold website design enables brands to grow and evolve. Microswift offers modern web solutions which range from content management system, eCommerce, automation to online booking and responsive web development.

3.     Create a lasting and noticeable identity

Transform your business by making your own distinctive brand identity. First, consider what your business’s purpose is and what message you want to put out to the world. Next, consult with a professional in further detail about your brand’s proposition. Microswift has a Brand Marketing team that helps their clients from start to finish when it comes to brand research and strategy.

4.     Modify your digital presence

Technology has come so far and there are endless possibilities when it comes to promoting your business/brand online. Take to Google advertising, email marketing, blogging, and creative marketing to reshape the way you present yourself to clients and consumers. Use Digital Marketing to your advantage because in today’s market, creativity is what can set a brand apart form the rest.

5.      Be flexible

Consider the idea that a typical work day may not follow a 9-to-5 schedule. Be open to changing hours or having to come in on weekends if there are big projects/preparations that need to be dealt with. Being flexible could also be a factor when it comes changing your business model, lowering prices, and being open to add on new products or services.

Digital Marketing

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