What It Takes To Have A Top-Notch Restaurant Website

Whether you have a smaller local restaurant or a larger chain restaurant, you need a customized website to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information to your patrons. Here are 7 elements your website needs to have to enhance the experiences of each and every one of your online visitors.

A Story

Having a custom made website will help you grow and evolve, but sharing your own story on your site will help you capture people’s attention. This is where you tell your restaurant’s story to stand out from the rest of the crowd online. Have an ‘About’ page where you explain why you started up the restaurant and don’t forget to add in your brand colours, logos and pictures! Consumers love to see that personal side of a business. The key note here is to mention anything unique about your background or about the services/food you provide. What inspired you? What are your goals and dreams? Share these with patrons! Do you want to know what’s even better? Incorporating stories of other patrons or your staff because their stories can be even more interesting and engaging to share. This is how you can develop that deep connection with the community, market your business and, of course, your food.

First-Rate Design

If you think that your site isn’t up to par, don’t worry because our agency has solutions! These solutions range from content management, e-commerce, and automation to online booking and responsive web development. When you have a clean and streamlined design, it can seriously make all the difference! Fun fact: our websites rank high in search and are proven to improve conversion by 200% for our clients. You can wow your visitors with a clean, interactive, fully-optimized website with built-in SEO features that helps you rank in the first page in search!

Restaurant Digital Marketing

Notable Features

There are high quality elements that we constantly include in each and every web design. First and foremost, mobile optimization: no matter if it’s desktop, mobile or tablet, your website will remain its aesthetic and elements when formatted correctly. Hosting and maintenance: our specialists can host and maintain your site regularly so everything is always functional and up-to-date. This is extremely important, you never want to have an outdated site, that’ll turn away customers. Next is web applications: from paperless forms, online booking to live chat, our websites are powered by the latest technology to drive conversions. If you include these elements on your own site, then you are golden! Keep in mind there is always room for some improvement!

Restaurant Website Design

Engaging Menus

Generally, all restaurants know to add their menu online, what you really should do to catch the eyes of consumers is to highlight your menu in an interactive way. For example, bring some light onto your most popular dishes, include photos, fun quotes that pertain to your industry, logos, branded colours and different designs. If you have multiple menus (ie, brunch, dinner, drinks), you can make each one distinctive so that they all don’t look too similar. This will give your prospective customers an idea of what you have to offer!

Restaurant Marketing

Customer Reviews

We love to see reviews or even customer testimonials on restaurant’s website because they are both informative and interactive. It’s an added bonus if you incorporate short video clips or photos of the customers enjoying your restaurant’s services/food. This just gives off more of an emotional and personable appeal and patrons always are impressed whenever they see that type of content.

Highlight Best Services

Answer this question: what are your best services? Do you have special holiday offers or discount codes? A loyalty program? Excellent customer service? Whatever it may be, you should highlight the services that you are most known for or that are of the most value. These services should reflect the ambience and mood of your restaurant. Ultimately, your site should help you to connect deeply with consumers.


This is the fun part! You can entirely let your creative juices flow when building up your website. Here’s some homework for you: go online and search up a couple brands or local businesses you know of, see what their sites look like. For the most part, businesses know now to showcase their products and services in an appealing way and make sure their websites are visually aesthetic while also providing all the right information. You can take some notes to give yourself a better understanding of what should be added onto your site. For further examples, you can take a look at some of our client’s sites as well.

Get the ball rolling and build up your restaurant’s website. You have spent a lot of time and energy establishing your business so let us take the reins now and help you optimize your presence online.
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