Why Businesses Need To Incorporate Professional Photos In Their Website And Social Platforms

Whether you are a business that is just starting up or you have been successful in the industry for years, there’s so many advantages in trying out professional photography or videography services to take your content next level. You can revamp your online presence with a click of a camera button! The truth is, every business can benefit from professional photography or videography services, it doesn’t matter what field they are in. Let’s look into the reasons as to why you absolutely need to be using professional photos and videos on both your website and social media channels.

A picture is worth a thousand words

This statement has been referred to time and again because it is 100% true. When done correctly, you can tell a story through one or a dozen beautifully shot photos! Think about it, when a business has a variety of photos on their website, as a consumer, you are drawn in and want to take a look. In general, including more photos and videos on your digital platforms will help you engage with your customers and contribute to your branding!

Business Photography

Establish your brand’s identity

Our media production team focuses on delivering stories through photos and video content that will wow audiences, literally wow them! Our goal is to put an emphasis on your brand’s story while also focusing on social impact and creativity. Our brand ambassadors engage in visual content through photoshoots and video shoots that represent a brand in its entirety. No matter what, we ensure that your brand’s personality is shown in a positive light by incorporating a mix of professionalism and uniqueness.

Give your business a good first impression

Here at Microswift, we can make professional, intriguing, admirable and creative content that goes above and beyond just regular digital content. Including branded photos on your website and social channels will intrigue audiences right off the bat! When consumers look at a businesses site, that usually is their first impression of the overall business. You need to make sure that your website is updated constantly and is professionally made as well.

Professional Photography

Customers will get to know you

You need to be both personable and professional with each and every marketing technique that you use for your business. For example, if you use stock photos, that’s okay but you certainly don’t want to be using them all the time because then you aren’t showcasing your business to the best of your abilities. Stock photos don’t create that personable appeal that professional photos of your business do. Customers love to see real and authentic pictures on a site when they look up a business. People come to your site to get to know you, so let them! Show off your staff, your office, your resources, services or products.

Images can help you get found online

Yes that’s right, you can be discovered by new potential clients through your high quality photos! Believe it or not, photos and video play a huge role when it comes to increasing your businesses SEO. How? Optimized photos will help you get higher in search rankings which will then help your site get discovered. Your online performance can really improve here too; engagement rates get higher and so does your reach which will equal to more leads that could eventually turn into paying customers. In the end, you need to give customers a reason to choose you over other competitors and working on your SEO will definitely help you get into the eyesight of a lot more people who may need your services or products.

Small Business Photography

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