Why Having A Content Strategy Is Important To Business

Engaging with customers is one of the ultimate goals for all businesses, no matter what field they are in. Microswift understands that users are at the focus of any business plan, as they should be! You need quality content that instills a positive reaction from consumers, you can accomplish this by including modern, branded and outstanding content into your marketing strategy.

With a smart content strategy, your consumers will be able to evaluate what you can offer to them. This involves pinpointing what customers needs are, identifying how your business can meet those needs and then sharing your very own solution with the customers. It sounds pretty start forward but there is a lot of thought that needs to go into creating a content strategy.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of the least successful content marketers have no written strategy in place and 65% of the most successful content marketers have a well documented content strategy.

As you can see, this is an essential part of helping your business flourish online because you will be sharing informative content to the surrounding community. On top of that, you will be able to convert leads into paying customers, eventually leading to an increase in revenue.

Content Marketing

Let’s get into the steps you need to take to build your superior content strategy.

Set Those Main Goals

Start with your business objective because this will help you develop more of a focus for your plan. The last thing you want is to post content just for the sake of it, so, set some content goals for your business in the next week or month and tick off each one you achieve. A great way to track your reach and engagement goals is through analytics. You are only able to access analytics when you have a business account, so keep that in mind! But what’s amazing about this tool is that you can see the views you have on each post/story, number of views on your pages, number of shares or e-commerce conversions.

Determine Your Target Audience

In order to reach consumers, you need to get to know them! Where do they spend the most time online? What type of content do they specifically like viewing? How can your business solve their problems? Once you figure out who you are wanting to talk to, that is when you can get into planning the actual content itself.


Utilize SEO

Here is where you research what keywords are most relevant to your business that consumers are most likely to search up, this will help you with your content development. How? You will be able to create content based off of those relevant keywords that’ll drive traffic to your site and socials, therefore, increasing your search ranking.

Choose Your Channels

You have determined your audience and keywords that you are going to include in your content. Now it’s time time to analyze which platforms your audience participate in the most. Don’t let these channels intimidate you, they will become an asset to your content marketing strategy. In fact, Microswift has a social media marketing service that fully focuses on content strategy! Here is where we can create posts that are relevant, powerful and engaging, that will for sure create a buzz in the market your business is in. Our content and posts offer value, stimulates conversation and will blossom your online presence. The best part is, we actively deliver this form of content on every social platform so that no one will miss out on your businesses offerings.

Content Strategy

Come Up With A Post Schedule

This is where you iron out the nitty-gritty details of where, when and what time you will be posting your high quality content, making sure you select the days and times where your followers are most active. By having a post schedule, you will be able to keep track of the best times to most and ensure you provide content consistently.

Build Your Credibility

When it comes to marketing a brand or business, establishing credibility in the field you are in is crucial for success. Consumers are more likely to visit your business when they see proof of what you have offered to past customers and that you can provide valuable services or products to the community. Creating trusting and long-lasting relationships with your consumers will get you far and overall help your business prosper.

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