Insanely Engaging Instagram Content Ideas For Medical Boutiques & Spas

What is content marketing?

Here’s a refresher: it is a creative marketing strategy focused on distributing valuable and consistent content to draw in a brand’s target audience. Content marketing can 100% set you apart from your competitors and successfully build up your brand identity, voice and online presence. With the right plan, you can create some incredible and relevant content online that will help drive consumers to your products/services!

Now that we are refreshed on the subject, let’s get more into the specifics. As a medical spa or boutique, what are some good content ideas to amp up your Instagram game? Well, we have some answers for you! By coming up with unique and relevant content, this will go hand-in-hand with your optimal social media marketing strategy! It’s a WIN WIN!

So, without further ado, here are 5 Instagram content ideas for your medical boutique or spa…

1. Create and share infographics

Most people are visual learners; in the marketing world, almost everything is done to appeal to peoples senses, mostly through visuals. An infographic is a form of content that provides important information to the public while also showing engaging images. Basically, it’s a visually appealing way of showing statistics and facts about the industry you are in. What you could do is create a beautiful infographic design for your website and social media pages and add in the most important information about your spa!

Digital Marketing For Spas

2. Staff highlights

What’s better than showing off your staff?? Consumers want to see a businesses employees and managers to learn more about them before trying out the business. When you highlight your spa’s staff, it just places a friendly face to your brand.

3. Product reviews

It’s always a good idea to include some product reviews on both your website and social media pages. This way, you can prove that your brand is authentic and you can also show off your products/services. You can give customers a choice to review one of your services or a specific product you carry, that way both you and the customer get something out of it!

Social Media Marketing For Spas

4. Customer testimonials

Without a doubt, you need to incorporate customer reviews/testimonials onto your businesses site. It wouldn’t hurt tot share them on all of your social media pages as well. Why are testimonials so important? It is so you can establish credibility, trust and honesty amongst the community and interact with each and every one of your clients on a deeper level. You can write or record a successful customer story as a way to market your brand. For example, Microswift includes customer testimonials both on our website and on our social media platforms because we want to let the rest of the community know what we have done for our clients as well as what we can do for them.

5. How-to’s

These kinds of videos or blog articles always do well. You can either write a step-by-step how-to guide of using one of your products or create a short video on either TikTok or Instagram Reels for more of a visual appeal. Whichever you decide, there should be some sort of visual aspect to it! Customers really appreciate this form of content because it gives them information on the product as well as an enjoyable personal experience with your brand!

Digital Advertising For Spas

Start posting quality content for your spa or boutique because believe us when we say that high quality content is necessary for the growth of your business. If content marketing isn’t your area of expertise, don’t hesitate to reach our team at and check out our plastic surgery and medical spa marketing service. We can makes things that your customers will love!

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