Social Media Marketing Trends Of Summer ’21

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time for your business to bump up its marketing game! With every new season, there are new trends to research and follow. Here at Microswift, we like to keep a close eye on upcoming trends every week so that we can implement them into our clients’ campaigns as well as our own. You should do the same!

Here are some marketing trends to be aware of during the summer of 2021:


As you may have noticed, social media marketing continues to be on the rise and has been used by small and large businesses across the globe. It is a marketing tactic that won’t be going away anytime soon and will only continue to expand. Facebook and Instagram have been the dominant platforms for years now as they offer numerous tools for business as well as ad options. However, in the past few years, a bunch of other niche platforms have risen and gained traction such as Pinterest, YouTube and Tiktok. A survey done by Hootsuite asked businesses which platforms they see as being most effective for their goals. The more traditional platforms remained popular: 78% said Facebook, 70% said Instagram and 42% said LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing


We cannot stress enough how much video content could benefit your business. When you invest in the right resources, help and equipment, you can deliver such high quality and impactful videos online which will completely turnaround your marketing strategy—in a good way! Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content that will dominate on social media, whether it be short form TikTok videos, 30 second Instagram Reels, 20 minute informative and entertaining YouTube episodes, videos are the future!


Not many business owners resort to live streaming but we encourage businesses to include this in their marketing strategy as much as they can! Since the start of the pandemic, people had to adapt to online work which meant that they needed to learn to be somewhat tech savvy, hold calls/meetings over Zoom and stream online with business partners or clients. Even as we move out of lockdown and start reopening our doors to the public, live streaming is here to stay. What’s so great about this is that customers can learn about a service or product without leaving their home! Also, we are seeing a lot more customer service over live streaming, so rather than hearing an automatic voice message or going back and forth over email, customers can have a more personable experience online with customer service reps.


Consumers love to see other consumers trying out new products or services. Generally speaking, before a customer considers purchasing something, they usually check out the reviews beforehand or search up posts that include the product in it. Some brands encourage their customers to create content with their product and tag them in it for a chance to be featured on the brands page. Some brands like to include user generated content on their website and dedicate a whole page to it. No matter what you do with UGC, you MUST include it either on your social media platforms or on your website. It is authentic and honest content that attracts audiences to your page, increases brand loyalty and can help your brand seem more credible.

Social Media


In a previous article, we talked about personalized marketing and what it could mean for your business. This has been an ongoing trend for years because of how beneficial it is towards businesses. When you create content for your website or social pages that is personable and unique, it engages with consumers a whole lot more and enables them to continue doing business with you. Brands can reach their target audience with personalized social media ads by making sure that they speak to the audiences needs and desires while delivering information in an informative & emotional way.

There will always be new trends; every week a new trend arises which means that you, as a business owner, need to stay on top of these trends and apply them to your marketing strategy.
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