Are You Ready For Post-Lockdown?

With lockdown now coming to an end and businesses beginning to reopen again, business owners need to look at how to adapt post-covid. Are you ready for when your doors open to the public again? How can you continue your strong marketing strategy after lockdown to retain customers?

Let’s get the ball rolling here again for your business and prepare for what’s to come in the next few months! Here are 7 tips to help you retain and focus in on your customers during this phase out of lockdown period.

1. Do Your Research

Determine what your customers current interests are so that you can incorporate their newest interests into your product/service marketing plan. During lockdown, people have had to find alternatives for certain day-to-day items that could have been sold out or couldn’t have been shipped due to the pandemic. Businesses needed to think fast, do their research and adapt to these needs. As much as we want it to, things won’t just automatically switch back to the way they were pre-covid. Therefore, brands/businesses need to continue to adapt to changes and meet the needs of consumers.

2. Give Customers A Reason To Stay

Are your products inexpensive? Do you offer an at-home delivery or service? Do you interact with customers daily online? Do you have a wide product range? Whatever it is that sets you apart, use it to your advantage because that is what will attract new customers and keep the old ones. Gather feedback by conducting surveys or send out questionnaires over email to the customers who are subscribed to you. This way, you obtain data and hear back from your loyal customers in regards to what they want from you during this time.

3. Thank Your Customers

Be sure to thank them for helping you throughout the pandemic; you can send out an e-card, a special email, video message, a small gift, etc. Make it known that you appreciate them! This can make all the difference and leave quite the impact on consumers.

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4. Stay Relevant

Remaining in contact with consumers is crucial to your businesses success. Stay relevant with marketing trends, constantly post information about your businesses service/products and actively interact with your target audience online. It is is important so share how you’ve been adapting throughout the pandemic as well as what your upcoming plans are post lockdown, your customers will be interested to hear what you have to say on the matter!

5. Embrace Social Media Channels

The amount of active users on social media is astounding. There were 4.3 billion social media users at the start at 2021, so imagine what the numbers are looking like today! For awhile now, social media and online advertisements were basically the only way businesses could remain in contact with their customers. Businesses and brands need to continue to shine on their socials. Social media won’t be going away any time soon, if anything, it’s becoming more popular and competitive which is exactly why you need to get on board and boost your online presence! Continue to stay in touch with your customers and post relevant content that you know will peak their interest. Remember to incorporate different content such as photos, gifs, videos, quotes and graphics to fully optimize your channels!

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6. Come Up With New Branded Ideas

Has the pandemic changed your market? If so, you need to step up to the plate and follow emerging trends that pertain to your market, you don’t want to fall behind! It never hurts to come up with new innovative ideas that can give your brand a bit of a facelift, this can help bring in new customers. Businesses could create a new and improved brand logo, reformat their website to make it more appealing and modern, take a new look at their products or services or incorporate sustainability. In the end, taking on something new and including it into your business marketing strategy could really impress both new and old customers!


7. Update Your Website Design

If you’ve been keeping your site up-to-date with your businesses latest information that’s great, if you haven’t even touched your site for the past few months, we suggest to start updating it right away. Either way, if your site is out of date, your audience may think your business is as well. Your virtual presence should be on its A-game, even after the pandemic because no matter what, people will always take to online research and social media to check out a business before making any purchasing decisions. Keeping your website fresh and current will attract new audiences and retain the audience that you already have! This will help you with SEO as well; search engines love when businesses and brands display new things and follow popular trends! Microswift web designers can work with you to create the best site for your business to showcase your products, services and message in an inviting way!

Focusing on both your needs as well as your customers needs is where this all starts.The end is near, we are so close, a couple more steps and we can open our doors and welcome in new faces.
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