Marketing Tip n’ Tricks For Dental Clinics

There were times when dentists didn’t really feel the need to market their clinic, but with the increasing numbers of practices within the community, there has been a surge in competition. This is why every dental clinic needs to have a smart marketing plan in order to get ahead and continue to bring in leads, convert them into patients and drive profitability.


First of all, when attracting new leads, you need to win them over. They aren’t your patients quite yet so you have to figure out a way to attract them to your clinic and develop a strong relationship with them. Build that online presence and brand identity first so that you can convert more web visitors into actual patients. As for winning patients over, you must include strategies such as digital marketing, social media marketing and website design to expand online. If you have a very weak online presence or no online presence at all, patients just won’t be drawn in and may change their mind overall about trying out your clinic. It may sound a little drastic but its true. Avoid this by keeping your sites up to date and provide the most relevant information to the public. When it comes to scaling your practice, we have come up with solutions to help completely scale each and every one of the clinics we have worked with. Our most popular and helpful services include social media marketing, dental website design and clinic paperless forms. The main goal with our dental marketing service is to get these clinics to grow and grow with each passing month!


There’s so much more now to having a dental clinic, you need to establish yourself as a brand and this goes further than a name and logo. You also have to have a significant colour scheme, voice, identity and message that should be displayed outside of your clinic, on your business cards, across social media and on your website pages. Invoking trust amongst consumers is the most important thing, especially when you are in the medical industry. Patients are wanting to trust their dental clinic with their safety and comfort and you want to ensure them that you can do just that, so why not start doing this digitally? Establish your brand and work your way up from there. Let new leads and old patients know your message and what you can offer to them.

Dental Branding


Who exactly are your patients? Better yet, who’s your audience? Who are the people you are wanting to attract? Does your practice serve the entire GTA or just a small demographic? There are specific ways to market your practice depending on your target audience. If you cater to a larger group of people that means your marketing tactics need to reach far and wide but for a smaller group of people, you just need to worry about marketing specifically to them. Your audience plays a big part in developing a marketing strategy because depending on the numbers, that is how you determine your best plan.


You also need to make sure your message is clear to patients. They need to immediately know what you can offer to them and what it is you do. We say nay to confusing and unorganized ads and yay to the ones that are straight to the point and engaging. Honestly, even a shorter ad that’s roughly 30-60 seconds long can make all the difference. Viewers are more inclined to watch these kinds of ads rather than longer ones because it takes less time out of their day to view them and they can easily be shared across messaging and social media platforms.

Dental Blogs


Post on the daily; it may sound like a lot but it really isn’t when you have an organized posting schedule and high quality content to post. Leave them with a CTA both on your site and social media pages like “book your appt today” or “visit our website to learn more about our services”. Actively post on your website’s blog, and if you don’t have a blog yet, we highly recommend that you start one up. You can give your professional expertise while also providing a bit of humour and personality within each article, they don’t always have to be super formal. Tell your followers about yourself and why you started up the clinic; show them your staff and the meaning behind your brand. If you consistently post new and entertaining content that goes hand-in-hand with your niche and industry, you will grow online, no doubt about that!

Dental Advertising

With technology continuously changing it can be difficult to ensure everything is working optimally. For all the dental clinics out there, Microswift is always available for a friendly discussion about different options and features required to improve your businesses processes. When you have a clever and enticing marketing plan, you will reap the benefits in the end.

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