Understanding The Top Digital Marketing Techniques Of This Year

How about WE help YOU transform YOUR businesses digital presence? In order to achieve success online, one needs to have a strong digital presence and a powerful marketing strategy.  This is where digital marketing comes into play. On account of the ever-growing and vast changes in technology as well the pandemic, every business around the world has had to resort to operating online. Guess what? This won’t change, so, how can you make yourself stand out amongst your competitors? How can you ensure you will continue to attract new clients? How can you make a mark in the industry you are in? The answer is with digital marketing.

Dental Marketing

In light of this significant topic, let’s take a look at some effective digital marketing techniques that you should start including in your strategy this year.


While it can be difficult to navigate through Google’s algorithm, it isn’t impossible. With the right tools and knowledge, you can use the algorithm to your advantage and prosper online. It’s always a good idea to consult with experts when it comes to SEO so you can truly succeed. With this specific strategy, marketing specialists know how to come up with the best strategies for any kind of business.  What can really help you get ahead of the game is Google Advertising because you can be where your customers are, highlight your business and get your information out into the open all in one go. By focusing in on new ways to transform your digital presence, you can vastly improve your businesses SEO.


Dental Content Marketing

You can get on that next level with personalized content for each and every platform. Users should be at the focus of everything you do, this is what we strongly believe in here at Microswift. Your business can turns heads and attract these users when you have a smart content marketing plan. While developing this plan, it’s important to keep in mind that your content should always be relevant, valuable and eye-catching so that the users who are viewing it will eventually want to come back for more! In today’s competitive market, you have to create content that leads to your services or products and can also solve consumers pain points.


All businesses should have some sort of communication destination for their consumers, be it through social messaging, email, or automated voice messaging. But did you know that there is a powerful technique to use that can actually up your marketing game? It’s a little something called email marketing! This form of marketing can help you generate more leads, provide information to consumers efficiently, promote deals/offers and even increase sales. More businesses need to start using this tool because you can also be creative with this too; you can add in photos, short video clips, informational graphics, brand colours/designs and logos. This will just help keep your clients engaged with what you are telling them and will get them to appreciate your business every time they get a notification from you.

Dental Email Marketing


There is a secret ingredient that can turn your brand from being just good to remarkable- we refer to this as media production. It is time for you to experience effective digital solutions for your business through media. This style of creative marketing creates a story for your brand and tells it in a way that is truthful, visual and meaningful. Your business can be unique yet identifiable to others by using videography and photography. For some examples of what we can produce, we offer video & photo content, production pieces, commercial ads and businesses documentaries. You can check out our works to see what we have created for our clients as well as some case studies explaining the process behind each project. Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the deeper visual story behind the brand or business that makes it so special.

Dental Clinic Photography

There is never a limit with digital marketing, the opportunities are endless and can surmount any doubts you may have about marketing your business. As a business who is wanting to be successful in the digital age that we live in, you should continue to look for ways to get yourself out there within the surrounding community and distribute information on your services/products on every online platform. Microswift specialists are here to support all businesses with their digital marketing plan, all it takes is one step forward to get started.

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